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    2017 China Pipe Import Statistics Of Other Countries And Regions Country and region Pipe imports, in tons 2017 2016 Year on year % Japan 21838 24052 -9.20% Spain 8838 12709 -30.46% Korea 7765 9877 -21.38% Taiwan 6204 4880 27.15% Germany 4961 5605 -11.48% Italy 3747 5122 -26.85% United States 2983 2687 11.02% India 1769 1904 […]   Read More >>
    Futures have a huge impact on the spot Futures continued to fall turmoil run, sawing the phenomenon of long and short significantly increased, resulting in sanitary stainless steel spot market prices appear to rise and fall are ineffective. Sanitary stainless steel pipe inventories lower than the same period last spring demand is tight From the […]   Read More >>
    Hagens Berman Reminds Kobe Steel Investors Of Management’S Admission Of False Data Hagens Berman Sobol Shapiro LLP reminds Kobe Steel Ltd investors of that securities class action concerning management’s admission that Kobe supplied false data to customers for years. The Lead Plaintiff deadline in the pending securities class action is February 26, 2018. On October […]   Read More >>
    Tata Steel Appraises Its Development In 2018 To Be Superior Tata Steel said that in spite of facing various challenges, their company performance in 2017 remained better than the previous two years. As the global steel industry resumed its stability, the development of Tata Steel in 2018 will also be superior to the previous two […]   Read More >>
    Central Omega exported 24,863 tonnes of ferronickel by the end of the year Central Omega Resources (DKFT) hopes to grow aggressively this year and next. Because ferronickel smelters are already operating. In addition to being able to export ferronickel, Central Omega has also obtained a permit to export nickel ore this year, with a quota of 700,000 […]   Read More >>
    China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) announced a new policy to ensure zero growth of steel capacity in 2018. The new policy forbids plants from increasing capacity. In environmentally sensitive areas of the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region, the Yangtze River Delta and the Pearl River Delta, steel plants should remove at least 1.25 tonnes of […]   Read More >>