European And American Aircraft Subsidies War, Red Wine, Cheese, Whisky Suffered The 15-year mutual subsidy war between Boeing and Airbus is evolving into a dispute between the Trump administration and Europe for reciprocal tariff retaliation. After the World Trade Organization (WTO) made a final ruling allowing the United States to impose tariffs on nearly 7.5 […]   Read More >>
Sanitary Fittings Coupling A sanitary coupling is a device used to connect two shafts together at their ends for the purpose of transmitting power. Couplings also called聽adapters and do not normally allow disconnection of the shafts during operation, but there are torque limiting couplings that can slip or disconnect when the torque limit is exceeded. […]   Read More >>
Physical Properties and Different Of 304 And 316 Stainless Steels The working temperature of 304 stainless steel is below 800 掳C,聽 the working temperature of 316 stainless steel is below 1000 掳C. Chemical component of stainless steel 304 series and 316 series   Types C max Mn max P max C max Si max Cr […]   Read More >>
People like a check valve with union end Sanitary valves are designed to maintain a high level of hygiene while maintaining a continuous flow of media. These valves are primarily used for highly viscous liquids such as gels and ice cream. Hygienic valves are widely used in the food and beverage industry because the valves […]   Read More >>
Hygienic Non-retention Ball Valves Were Shipped 1 1/2″ hygienic non retention ball valve for UK was shipped before Chinese Labour Day holiday. This time is tally 40pcs for UK market of one our our reputed client, it will be used a hygienic equipment. This sanitary ball valves are our clamped type on retention ball valve, […]   Read More >>
Introduction to pneumatic actuators and electric actuators An actuator is a device that is responsible for moving or controlling a mechanism or system. The actuator for sanitary valves is operated by a power source, whether the operator turns the valve handle, the pneumatic cylinder or the electric motor. The two most common automatic actuators in […]   Read More >>
The Same and The Differences between BPE And 3A Pipe Fittings In sanitary piping systems, BPE fittings and 3A fittings are two very common types of fittings. However, it may be difficult for people unfamiliar with it to distinguish between conventional and 3A fittings as well as BPE fittings. This article will introduce the similarities […]   Read More >>
A Kind of Most Purity Straight-Through Valves Sanitary diaphragm valves are known as “clean valves.” They are the first choice in the biopharmaceutical industry because they are ideal for ultra-pure and sensitive media requiring unobstructed flow, throttling and positive shutdown. The sanitary diaphragm valve is the only truly clean straight-through valve in pharmaceutical applications. All […]   Read More >>
AK Steel’s third quarter results summary for 2018 The performance report released by AK Steel of the United States shows that its performance in the third quarter of 2018 was the highest in the last 10 years, thanks to good market conditions and focus on value-added products. In the third quarter of 2018, shipments of […]   Read More >>
Guangqing HOT聽Rolled STEEL Project It is reported that Guangqing(GQMT)’s 3 million tons 1780mm wide-width hot-rolling steel project has entered the final stage. It is expected that the trial production will be ushered in the fastest in January 2019. At that time, Guangqing will be able to directly produce 304 stainless steel black serious products. According […]   Read More >>
A China’s e-commerce platform called “Pinduoduo” has been continually being spotted by a number of well-known foreign media. Media surveys such as the British “Daily Mail”, the Australian “The Diplomat”, the New Zealand “The Herald” (NZ Herald), and the US “Foreign Policy” found that “Pinduoduo”‘s Imported food is suspected of being sold for fake. The […]   Read More >>
What Is The Difference Between Sanitary Pipe Fittings And Stainless Steel Pipe Fittings? What is a sanitary fitting? Industrial pipe fittings are relatively well understood, but sanitary pipe fittings are not. The role of sanitary pipe fittings and materials are basically the same as those of industrial stainless steel pipe fittings. However, they are used […]   Read More >>
About 65% To 70% Of Nickel Is Expected To Be Sold To The Battery Industry In 2018 BHP Billiton CEO Andrew Mackenzie stated that he hopes to sell its Nick West nickel company in Australia as soon as possible. He also said that even if the current and future development prospects of the electric vehicle […]   Read More >>
China Customs Captures 4.8 Billion Yuan for Smuggling of Iron and Steel Scrap From the evening of June 4 to the morning of the 5th, the Customs launched a centralized operation to crack down on smuggling of iron and steel scrap from export smuggling, arresting 245 criminal suspects and verifying that approximately 2.41 million tons […]   Read More >>
South Korean POSCO鈥檚 Stainless Steel Production Rises In Q1 2018 POSCO produced around 960,000 tons of stainless steel in the first quarter this year, up by 50.4% year on year. But the sales value of stainless steel production fell by 2.9% to around 2.5 trillion won over the same period a year ago. In 2017, […]   Read More >>
A Milestone For EGA Emirates Global Aluminium, the largest industrial company in the United Arab Emirates outside oil and gas, announced that has surpassed the 30 million tonnes mark in cast metal produced. The aluminium EGA is producing is a key component in helping to make modern life possible through its use in construction, the […]   Read More >>
Steel Dynamics To Acquire CSN Heartland Flat Roll Operations Steel Dynamics Inc announced that it has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire Companhia Siderurgica Nacional LLC from CSN Steel SLU, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Companhia Siderurgica Nacional. Located in Terre Haute, Indiana, Heartland produces various types of higher-margin, flat roll steel by further processing […]   Read More >>
China’s May Spot Zinc Treatment Charges Flat On Month At USD 15 To 25 / Million Tonne Platts reported that spot zinc treatment charges for Chinese smelters are unchanged in May from the month before at USD 15 to USD 25/ million tonne. Chinese industry sources said this is higher than in January, when TCs […]   Read More >>
US industry is materially injured by reason of imports The United States International Trade Commission (USITC) has determined that US industry is materially injured by reason of imports of carbon and certain alloy steel wire rod from Italy, Korea, Spain, Turkey, and the United Kingdom that the US Department of Commerce (Commerce) has determined are […]   Read More >>
Guangdong China stainless steel industry output value about 300 billion yuan Yangcheng Evening News reported on April 22 that related institutional data showed that China has become the world鈥檚 largest stainless steel聽exporter,聽 producer, and consumer from a importer. According to incomplete statistics, the output value of the stainless steel industry in Guangdong is about 300 […]   Read More >>
Taiwan聽launches聽anti聽dumping聽probe聽into聽Chinese聽steel聽imports Focus Taiwan reported that the Ministry of Finance has launched anti-dumping and anti subsidy investigations into steel products sold by China on the local market in a bid to protect the interests of Taiwanese firms. The ministry said Chinese steel products being looked at by the anti-dumping investigation include galvanized steel, carbon steel plates […]   Read More >>
China pays attention to steel mills’s environmental issues Reuters reported that China鈥檚 industry ministry on Friday said it has ordered 12 steel mills to come back into compliance following breaches of environmental, safety and other regulations, while it has removed another 19 companies from a qualified enterprises list. The breaches range from excessive pollution at […]   Read More >>
The worldwide no. 1: Tube 2018 Meet your business partners at the聽the world鈥檚 most important trade fair for the tube and tube processing industry.聽Business is conducted here; valuable contacts are made and cultivated here; and here you will also see the global innovations that everyone will be talking about tomorrow. Around Tube 2018 D眉sseldorf you […]   Read More >>
JFE Steel will support the domestic scrap market JFE Steel purchases scrap from the Eastern Japan and Western Japan markets. It is expected that JFE Steel’s scrap promotion will support the domestic scrap market, which has experienced a frantic decline. it is limited due to the limited purchase volume. The steel mills in Keihin, eastern […]   Read More >>
United States and the State of Indiana resolving water violations An agreement was filed in the Hammond Division of the United States District Court for the Northern District of Indiana between United States Steel Corporation, the United States and the State of Indiana resolving water violations with respect to the Corporation’s Midwest Plant in Portage, […]   Read More >>
2017 China Pipe Import Statistics Of Other Countries And Regions Country and region Pipe imports, in tons 2017 2016 Year on year % Japan 21838 24052 -9.20% Spain 8838 12709 -30.46% Korea 7765 9877 -21.38% Taiwan 6204 4880 27.15% Germany 4961 5605 -11.48% Italy 3747 5122 -26.85% United States 2983 2687 11.02% India 1769 1904 […]   Read More >>
Futures have a huge impact on the spot Futures continued to fall turmoil run, sawing the phenomenon of long and short significantly increased, resulting in sanitary stainless steel spot market prices appear to rise and fall are ineffective. Sanitary stainless steel pipe inventories lower than the same period last spring demand is tight From the […]   Read More >>
Hagens Berman Reminds Kobe Steel Investors Of Management鈥橲 Admission Of False Data Hagens Berman Sobol Shapiro LLP reminds Kobe Steel Ltd investors of that securities class action concerning management鈥檚 admission that Kobe supplied false data to customers for years. The Lead Plaintiff deadline in the pending securities class action is February 26, 2018. On October […]   Read More >>
Tata Steel Appraises Its Development In 2018 To Be Superior Tata Steel said that in spite of facing various challenges, their company performance in 2017 remained better than the previous two years. As the global steel industry resumed its stability, the development of Tata Steel in 2018 will also be superior to the previous two […]   Read More >>
Central Omega exported 24,863 tonnes of ferronickel by the end of the year Central Omega Resources (DKFT) hopes to grow aggressively this year and next.聽Because ferronickel smelters are already operating.聽In addition to being able to export ferronickel, Central Omega has also obtained a permit to export nickel ore this year, with a quota of 700,000 […]   Read More >>
China鈥檚 Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) announced a new policy to ensure zero growth of steel capacity in 2018. The new policy forbids plants from increasing capacity. In environmentally sensitive areas of the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region, the Yangtze River Delta and the Pearl River Delta, steel plants should remove at least 1.25 tonnes of […]   Read More >>
Financial Tribune reported that the flat steel import market in Iran continued to be influenced by an unprecedented increase in freight rates sparked by a massive rise in grain shipments to the country. Normally, when the autumn season for grain exports arrives, the cost of freight from the Russian port of Astrakhan to Iran increases […]   Read More >>
China鈥檚 Ministry of Finance, in a series of measures that could boost shipments, announced that China will adjust import & export taxes on many items including some steel making input materials, semis and special steels from January 1st 2018. While clarity about various finished steel is yet to emerge, the move will eliminate export duties […]   Read More >>
Conflicts between new industries and conventional industries Gulf Times reported that Bloomberg Commodity Index slumped by the most since March last week as selling hit all sectors, particularly the twin bellwethers of energy and industrial metals. Only three out of 30 commodities tracked in the table below managed a positive return. The agriculture sub-index fared […]   Read More >>
2018 China stainless steel outlook According to the report by the Metallurgical Industry Planning and Research Institute, the growth of China”s steel industry would slow down in 2018, and the output of crude steel was estimated at 838 million tons. Although it was still going to keep the capacity, it has benefited from the over-expected […]   Read More >>
On November 28, the Guangzhou Leading Group for Party Conduct and Clean and Honest Administration issued “Notice on Implementation of Prohibition of Alcohol Control and Alcohol Control” (hereinafter referred to as the “NOTICE”). Issued by the Leading Group Office of Party Conduct and Clean and Honest Administration in Guangzhou to all levels of the city. […]   Read More >>
Reuters reported that Tokyo Steel Manufacturing Co Ltd, Japan鈥檚 top electric-arc furnace steelmaker, said on Monday it would raise its product prices in December by up to 4.8 percent due to tight market conditions at home and abroad. The company will boost prices of all its products in December by JPY 3,000 (USD 26.8) per […]   Read More >>
Jindal聽Stainless聽to聽focus聽on聽specialty聽sector聽for聽stainless聽steel Business Standard reported that as part of its expansion strategy, Jindal Stainless is planning to enter the unconventional areas of steel use 鈥 defence, nuclear, aerospace and long products. The company wants to enter high-margin segments with the available capacity. Currently, it has a production capacity of 1.6-1.8 million tonne with a market share […]   Read More >>
Cooperation Between聽Posco And聽Chongqing Iron And Steel Co. It is reported that Posco announced to withdraw the cold rolled and coated steel plate co-operation in Chongqing, China, was eventually disbanded and was expected to be negotiated in November. In September 2013, Posco has signed the cold rolling and coating business cooperation Letter of Intent (MOU) with […]   Read More >>
3D Printing Doubles The Strength Of Stainless Steel It is reported that 3D printing has taken the world by storm, but it currently works best with plastic and porous steel materials too weak for hard-core applications. Now, researchers have come up with a way to 3D print tough and flexible stainless steel, an advance that […]   Read More >>
Japan Hot Rolled Stainless Steel Production Rises In Jul According to the statistics from Japan Stainless Steel Association, Japanese hot rolled stainless steel production totaled 215,600 tons, declined by 9.0% compared with the same period of last year but rose by 3.4% compared with the same period of last month. Among them, the production of […]   Read More >>
“High-end red wine” cost only a dozen pieces, the Chinese police destroyed five fraud gangs According to reports, Wuhan, China, the police recently detected a violation of personal information cases with citizens, arrested the seller, dig buyers, and then destroyed five telecommunications fraud gangs, and criminal detention of 58 suspects. More than 800 cards, 100 […]   Read More >>
Japanese stainless steel hot rolled steel production rose According to the Japan Stainless Steel Association reported that the first half of this year, Japan’s stainless steel hot-rolled steel production of about 1.39 million tons, up about 2.2% over the same period last year. Among them, stainless steel structural steel production of about 115,153 tons, an […]   Read More >>
ISSDA hails duty on flat steel imports from china PTI reported that India’s apex stainless steel industry body Indian Stainless Steel Development Association has pleased Finance Ministry’s decision to impose countervailing duty (CVD) on imports of certain flat steel products from China saying that it will not only help domestic players to recover the losses […]   Read More >>
Cooperation between HBIS and Posco It is reported that China鈥檚 HBIS Group agreed to sign a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with South Korea’s Posco for developing steel cooperation plan. HBIS Group and Posco will establish different types of strategies such as strategic planning, raw material resources, steel technology and energy environmental protection. At the same […]   Read More >>
The fight against fake diet pills needs to be like fighting drugs China’s most profitable company is the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China(ICBC), in the financial market is not fully open conditions, ICBC of the profit margin is not more than 50%, but with the recent Loudi City Hunan China cracked the loss of […]   Read More >>
Who never thought that the global food industry giant Nestle will be in a month of continuous food safety storm. In mid-2017, Nestle (China) 6 former employees on suspicion of illegal development of medical channels, through illegal means to seize some of the first hospital milk, Lanzhou Intermediate People’s Court of Final Appeal infringement of […]   Read More >>
Iranian NISCO Confirms Steel Output Grows 13% IRNA reported that Mr. Abdolmajid Sharifi, Managing Director of Iran’s National Iron and Steel Company, confirmed in 2017 that Iranian crude steel production increased by 13%. He told the IRNA that although the growth rate in Iran was the same, the world growth for the first five months […]   Read More >>
Stainless steel production report for the first half of 2017 According to reports, the first six months of 2017, South Korea’s cold-rolled stainless steel exports amounted to 256145 tons, an increase of 7.5%. Among them, South Korea exported 29,973 tons of stainless steel cold rolled stainless steel, accounting for 32.4% of the total exports; Southeast […]   Read More >>
Inventory the steel enterprises who in the “Fortune 500” July 20, 2017, the United States, “Fortune” China and “Fortune” English simultaneously released 2016 “Fortune 500” list. Compared with last year, 2017 “Fortune 500” finalists increased by 3%, rose to 21.6 billion US dollars. China’s top companies continued to grow to 115 this year after reaching […]   Read More >>