Sanitary Union type Sight Glass


Sanitary Union type Sight Glass

Sanitary Union type Sight Glass DIN11851/SMS made in stainless steel 304 or 316L, with transparent tempered glass. The welded sight glass with threaded ferrule fittings. Wellgreen union type sight glass could be used for observing bioreactor, lab. blender, sanitary filters, processing vessel and other closed equipment, it is widely used for brewery, dairy, food, cosmetic, bio-pharmaceutical industries.


Sanitary Union Type Sight Glass – Stainless Steel Hygienic Tank Parts

Size DN25 to DN150
Material T304, En 1.4301 or T316, En 1.4404
Type Union type sight glass
Connection Tri-Clamped, Threaded, Welding, Flanged etc.
Flat Gasket PTFE Gasket
Glass Material Tempered Glass
O-Ring Viton, PTFE, BNR, Silicone
Max. Temperature 120°C / 248°F
Standard DIN, SMS, INCH etc.
Application Food, Brewery, Beverage, Dairy, Pharmaceutical, Fine chemical, Cosmetic etc.
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Sanitary Union Type Sight Glass

Dimension of Sanitary Union Type Sight Glass – DIN – Hygienic Tank Fittings

     DN11851       DN11850
Size A D D5 A D
DN25 35 31 62 28 28
DN32 38 37 68 28 34
DN40 40 43 78 28 40
DN50 42 55 92 28 52
DN65 47 72 110 30 70
DN80 52 87 126 33 85
DN100 62 106 146 38 104
DN125 52 132 178 40 129
DN150 66 157 208 42 154

*All dimension are in mm except specified. **For more information about stainless steel sight glasses, please contact us here.

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