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    Why does 316 sanitary seamless pipes needs to be annealed With the wide application of stainless steel in all walks of life, especially in food processing, food machinery, dairy products and other industries, as the market鈥檚 quality requirements for stainless steel pipes are becoming more and more demanding, the product鈥檚 smoothness, outer diameter and wall […]   Read More >>
    Can the price of sanitary seamless pipe continue to rise in the later stage? Nearly halfway through August, the off-season demand for traditional seasonal sanitary seamless pipe has entered a countdown, and the peak demand season is coming. Under the influence of the rush period after the epidemic, the price of sanitary seamless pipes in […]   Read More >>
    What are Nickel? Ferronickel? Nickel Pig Iron? Nickel-based Alloys? Through this article,, the sanitary pipe fittings supplier will introduce to you what nickel, nickel iron, nickel pig iron and nickel-based alloys are, their characteristics, uses, etc. Nickel Nickel is a transition metal element, element symbol Ni, located in group VIII of the fourth period, […]   Read More >>
    Definition of Surface Roughness Surface roughness is very important for most surfaces involved in sliding contact. This is because factors such as the original rate of wear and sustained nature are highly dependent on this characteristic. These surfaces are generally load-bearing surfaces, and the roughness needs to be marked to ensure the suitability of the […]   Read More >>
    How Are Stainless Steel Sanitary Pipes Graded? Stainless steel sanitary pipe and fittings are generally divided into three types according to surface treatment methods: AP grade stainless steel pipe refers to the surface of the pipe that has not been treated; BA type pipe refers to the use of bright burnt treatment; EP grade stainless […]   Read More >>
    The difference between sanitary pipe fittings and food grade stainless steel pipe fittings in the different applications. The difference between food-grade stainless steel and sanitary stainless steel is: Stainless steel that meets the requirements of GB / T 1220-2007 “Stainless Steel Bar” which has passed the “Certificate of Obtaining Certification” and is used for food […]   Read More >>