2015 Chinese International Sanitary Fluid Equipment Pharmaceutical And Food Equipment Exhibition

Exhibition name: 2015 Chinese international sanitary fluid equipment pharmaceutical and food equipment exhibition

Exhibition categories: domestic category

Exhibition site: SHCEC

Sponsor: Chinese energy conservation and environmental protection industry association

Exhibition agency: The east exhibition service (Shanghai) co., LTD

Exhibition date: 2015-10-21 to 2015-10-23

Contact person: Mr.chen

Contact way: 021-51977417

Sanitary equipment, food and pharmaceutical equipment is advanced manufacturing industry, even related to safety, sanitation, environmental protection, health, harmony and so on. Pay attention to medicine, food, biology, fine chemical engineering, daily use chemical, all concerned to credibility, with well-to-do and new countryside constructed, People’s living standards improve, the health level of equipment development prospect is good, the market space is large, rapid development in the industry at the same time, investment in science and technology to strengthen its own technology infrastructure construction will be particularly important.
By China energy conservation and environmental protection industry association and the eastern world exhibition service (Shanghai) co., LTD., together with the organization’s “2015 China international sanitary fluid equipment and food and pharmaceutical equipment exhibition” will be on October 21-23, 2015 was held in Shanghai international procurement conference and exhibition center, as the largest scale and influence the health level of fluid, food and pharmaceutical equipment annual event, the exhibition will be “internationalization, specialization, high-level” meeting requirements, invited to Japan, Korea, the United States, France, Britain, Germany, Finland and other European and American area industry giants, communicate to discuss China “sanitary fluid, food, pharmaceutical equipment industry” development opportunities, promote industry development.
At that time, China and dozens of countries and regions of the world’s major users: pharmaceutical, food, biological, chemical, daily chemical, cosmetics, brewing, beverage, dairy products, jam, health care, starch, gourmet powder, chemical, fine chemical, fertilizer, purification, color paste, nano materials, polymer materials, water treatment industry such as policy makers, managers, engineers, procurement, business and marketing consultant, director of the nearly 30000 people will gather in Shanghai, the health level of fluid, food companies contact with potential customers, expanding the national and global sales channels, brand image, excellent opportunities to communicate with peers and places.
We will invite the government departments, industry associations, experts and industry insiders will hold more than the same period BBS of industry development and technology exchange meeting, in-depth industry development trend, the international leading technology and advanced management experience, the resolution policy, analyze market, is to know the health level of fluid, food, pharmaceutical industry information and dynamic, to seek cooperation of industry event.
Slogan: new technologies, new products to create one-stop purchasing platform selection theme: healthy development Cooperative and win-win
Organizer: China’s energy conservation and environmental protection industry association
Support units: Chinese food pharmaceutical machinery industry association
To undertake units: the east exhibition service (Shanghai) co., LTD
? premier event
Have a professional, authoritative, international event — HFFP Expo 2015 will be invited to South Korea, Britain, Belgium, France, Italy, Germany, the United States, Japan, Taiwan more than 20 countries and regions such as nearly 400 famous enterprises to participate in, exhibition area of 16000 square meters.
Does technology lectures, HFFP during Expo 2015 exhibition will be held at the same time several all-round technical exchange activities, academic research, to cooperate fully with the exhibitors to diversify propaganda, hot topic to discuss industry, every cost: 20000 yuan domestic enterprises, foreign enterprises $4000 (for 1 hour, less than 1 hour by a charge).
“Building international procurement and trade platform, promote the exchanges and cooperation of enterprises, improve the effect of the exhibition” — – will be our goal!

? exhibition range:
“A”, sanitary pump: rotor pump, centrifugal pump, return pump, self-priming pump, plunger pump, pressure plate, pump, gear pump, etc.
鈥淏鈥, sanitary valve, diaphragm valve, reversing valve, ball valve, safety valve, butterfly valve, sanitary check valve, sampling valve, regulating valve, stop valve, etc.;
“C”, sanitary pipe fittings, stainless steel pipe, pipe fittings, mirror steel pipe, square tube, elbow, clamp, union, tee, four-way, pipe diameter,
U, nipple, variable diameter pipe, union, bracket, bracket, etc.;
“D”, food, pharmaceutical equipment, emulsion, homogeneous, mixing, separation, heat transfer, fermentation, crystallization, separation and thickening, extraction, reactor,
Extraction, concentrator, enrichment units, evaporator, distillation, filters, filtration purification equipment, from equipment, air-conditioning equipment, vacuum equipment, clean room equipment, vacuum, drying and other production and processing equipment;
“E”, pressure vessels, tanks, vessels, fermentation tank, heat exchanger, filter, filter, sterilization, deceleration machine, compressor, coupling,
Clutch, etc.;
“F” and other water equipment, anti-corrosion technology, detector, measurement and automation control system, etc.;
? booth fee:
The exhibition project
Specifications and requirements
Domestic companies
The joint venture
The foreign capital enterprise

The standard booth
3 m ? 3 m
RMB 15000 / a
RMB 18000 / a

The Angle of the booth
3 m ? 3 m
RMB 16500 / a
RMB 20000 / a

Indoor space
36 m squared up the order
1500 yuan/m squared
2000 yuan/m squared
? booth:
A. configuration: standard booths, fascia board with Chinese and English two lamp, fluorescent lamp plate (height 250 cm, height 246 cm), one negotiation table, two chairs, capacity of 400 w / 220 v power socket and A carpet;
B. set light to the exhibitors to the costs of the booth arrangement, as shown in the exhibitor’s manual.
? exhibition catalogue:
The cover
Inside front cover
Inside back cover
The back cover
The cover page
Color inside pages
Text introduction
25000 yuan
18000 yuan
10000 yuan
20000 yuan
18000 yuan
8000 yuan
2500 yuan
Note: catalogue layout specifications (210 mm ? 142.5 mm), imports of coated paper, four-color utility precision printing, page content shall be designed by the exhibitors.
? participation matters
1, the organizer will fill in good and build official seal, the table of the participation contract by mail or by fax to the organizing committee;
2, after signing up, exhibitors must be within 7 working days to remit the related fees to the account designated;
3, booth arrangement in the item “first register, first, first arranged” for the principle, the organizing committee reserves the right to adjust to a small booth;
4, exhibits transportation, reception, accommodation and other matters will be in the exhibition in the first three months of the organizing committee shall be separately send exhibitor’s manual.
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Zip code: 201999
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Contact person: Mr. Chen

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