2016 The 25th China (Guangzhou) International Food Processing And Packaging Machinery And Equipment Exhibition

2016 The 25th China (Guangzhou) International Food Processing And Packaging Machinery And Equipment Exhibition

The expo hotline: + 86-020-61089462
Time: June 29, 2016 – July 1
Location: Guangzhou trade fair pavilion area B (Guangzhou read river road no. 382)

China food and packaging machinery industry association (CFPMA) is a cross-sectoral, cross-regional, food machinery and packaging machinery enterprises, companies, universities and colleges voluntary organization national industry group, more than 1000 existing member organizations, shall establish a commission packaging machinery, food machinery, professional associations, low and pulp molding products branch, cold food machinery branch, convenient food machinery, beverage filling machinery association, committee of meat processing machinery, processing machinery branch for fruits and vegetables.Association adhere to serve food machinery and packaging machinery industry unit, promote the development of the industry, the association in the government and enterprises, enterprises with the user and the international exchange direction play a role of bridge and the link of the mediation.China food industry association (CNFIA) is China’s food industry the most authoritative industry management organization, main functions and tasks integrated for “plan as a whole, planning, coordination, guidance and service”, the association with brain wave “service” for the purpose, to strengthen industry self-discipline, sets up the food safety awareness, enhance brand awareness, promote the international communication industry, promote the healthy development of industry.

The last review:
IFPE24 a total of 465 companies, including foreign manufacturers, 133, 19651 professional audience, the audience from guangdong province accounted for 59%, IFPE influence further.

1.聽Food processing machinery, drying equipment, sterilization equipment, storage and transportation equipment, separation enrichment equipment, fermentation equipment, sorting equipment, water treatment equipment, heat exchange equipment, refrigeration equipment, fruit and vegetable production equipment, beverage, dairy processing equipment, biscuit processing equipment, candy and chocolate, meat processing equipment, bean products, snack food equipment, and other processing equipment, etc.;
2.聽Food packaging, packaging machine, sealing machine, wrapping package machinery, printing machines, labeling machines, packaging products, food packaging materials, etc.;
3.聽Packaging materials, metal packaging, plastic packaging, flexible packaging, paper packaging, wood packaging, etc.;
4.聽Form a complete set of equipment: automation system, robot, solenoid valve, bearing, industrial belt, chain, pumps, sanitary valve, sensors, sanitary stainless steel tube, rubber seal products;
5. Packaging and printing machinery: bottle blowing machine, intaglio and letterpress, rotation, flexo, screen printing, transfer printing, hot stamping, inkjet code, tag, composite, coating machinery.

The booth type, configuration, and the booth fee:
Space-unit (36 m2 of the foreign enterprises: USD 300 / m2 domestic enterprises: RMB 1000 / m2
Standard booth (3 m x 3 m)
Foreign companies: double open USD 3608 / a single open USD 3280 / a
Domestic companies: double open RMB 11000 / a single open RMB 10000 / a

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