9000% Profits? That Is Fake Drugs!

The fight against fake diet pills needs to be like fighting drugs

fake pills in China

China’s most profitable company is the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China(ICBC), in the financial market is not fully open conditions, ICBC of the profit margin is not more than 50%, but with the recent Loudi City Hunan China cracked the loss of fake drug profit margins, ICBC’s Profit margins are simply nothing.

According to the Xinhua News Agency reported that the recent Hunan Loudi police cracked a major weight loss drugs, each fake drug costs less than 0.1 yuan RMB / grain, but the market can sell 10 yuan RMB/ grain, profit margins as high as 9000%, even more than drugs.

In recent years, the public security departments have repeatedly cracked all types of counterfeiting, fake shoes, fake spices, fake vaccines, to the present fake diet pills, whenever the market consumption of large products, may be accompanied by the risk of fake.

Fake the harm is self-evident, bear the brunt of the consumer, ranging from loss of property, while the damage to health. Second, the brand must be seriously related to the corporate image damage, for example, Alibaba, listed in the United States before, Taobao fake on one of the possible risks, so far is still Alibaba crackdown on a job.

Consumers and businesses are more obvious victims, but fundamentally counterfeiting economic harm is actually a local economic development and image. In other words, the fake economy is like an economic poison, once infected, the damage to the local economy is the need for long maintenance, it is possible to rebuild a healthy economic environment.