A China’s E-commerce Platform Suspected Of Selling For Fake Wines

A China’s e-commerce platform called “Pinduoduo” has been continually being spotted by a number of well-known foreign media. Media surveys such as the British “Daily Mail”, the Australian “The Diplomat”, the New Zealand “The Herald” (NZ Herald), and the US “Foreign Policy” found that “Pinduoduo”‘s Imported food is suspected of being sold for fake.

The media survey on the “Pinduoduo” found that Penfords, the wine brand of Australia’s largest wine producer Treasury Wine Estates, has been sold by a number of merchants with a letter of 鈥淏enfords鈥.

鈥淭his cheaper wine has the potential to challenge legitimate wines in the Chinese market and has already achieved high profits.鈥 The Daily Mail found that on the “Pinduoduo”, only merchants sold more than 1,000 cases of six bottles of counterfeit. Penfolds “Benfords Hyland” wine, priced at $ 117 per case. In Australia, the retail price for a single box is $278.

Hendrik Laubscher, the co-author of Forbes magazine, founder and CEO of South Africa’s digital retail research company Blue Cape Ventures, believes that the large number of counterfeit problems that exist in the fight for a regular brand will be A “nightmare” and believe that the “Pinduoduo” pattern is not sustainable.