The Advantages and Features of Manual Diaphragm Valve

The Advantages and Features of Manual Diaphragm Valve

Advantage of Manual Diaphragm Valve

The advantage of manual diaphragm valve is similar with pinch valve. Its closing components would not be wetted by the process medium, therefore we can use cheaper materials in corrosive process medium. Fluid is straight through or approximate to a straight through, and small pressure fall, making it as an ideal switch operation, and avoid the turbulent flow. Because the diaphragm is located in the pressured valve body, diaphragm valve can deal with slightly higher pressure than pinch valve, but the total pressure and temperature rated range is dependent on the material toughness or enhancement of the diaphragm. Fluid channels of valve body is associated with diaphragm toughness performance. Another advantage of diaphragm valve is that if the diaphragm failed, the body can hold out small flowing, and better than tightening valve housing. The application condition of diaphragm valve is similar to pinch valve. 聽Springback of diaphragm make it sealed along with the fluid particles , and it can be making ideal operation for the material of pulp, process material or containing solid fluid .


The Structural Features of Manual Diaphragm Valve

  • Two kinds of typical structure of diaphragm valve – one is straight type structure and the another is weir structure.
  • Weir type diaphragm valve and straight type diaphragm valve have a similar structure except the body and the diaphragm.
  • The elasticity of diaphragm is not enough to use a long trip. Strong and strengthen the diaphragm also makes the weir structure used for high pressure conditions, the diaphragm elastic enough to for a long trip, stronger and enhance the diaphragm weir structure used in vacuum operation.
  • Straight diaphragm valve, its bottom wall of the body almost parallel to the logistics, make logistics unhindered through the valve without interference.
  • The diaphragm elastic to make it can move to the bottom of the valve body. Diaphragm compressor is above, its shape is quite like a circular parts body flow channel, and it is connected to the hand wheel stem.
  • Diaphragm installed in a compressed the bottom in order to make sure the diaphragm in the fully open position can be filed away from logistics. Compressor is not valve parts in contact with the medium, the hand wheel is located and the body bonnet bolting. The diaphragm itself is used as a gasket between the valve body and valve blocks, used to prevent the leak into the atmosphere.

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