Antiseptic Sanitary Butterfly Valve


Antiseptic Sanitary Butterfly Valve

Antiseptic sanitary butterfly valves are divided into two kinds according to their antiseptic properties: Coating sanitary butterfly valve and self-antiseptic type sanitary butterfly valve. Coating sanitary butterfly valve can modify existing stainless steel sanitary butterfly valve products, it means coating on the stainless steel sanitary valve with sterilization of metal materials or other inorganic materials with antiseptic effect. But the disadvantage is easy to wear out, easy aging, coating changes with the change of temperature and external environment, so that make the sanitary valve loses antiseptic properties.

Self-antiseptic type sanitary butterfly valve, add some metal elements with antiseptic effect in the process of stainless steel sanitary butterfly valve production, through the special processing to make the stainless steel itself produces antiseptic properties. This kind of valve has no shortcoming of the former, and it costs less and easy to process.

The killing rate of Escherichia coli is 99.9%, of MRSA is 99.5%,of antiseptic sanitary butterfly valve of wellgreenCandida albicans is 99.0%, of Dry truffle is 86.6%. We are told by our common sense, these four kinds of bacteria is the most common bacteria in ordinary life, the valve can achieve such a killing effect shows the broad-spectrum antiseptic property of the antiseptic sanitary butterfly valve. As on the material composition and microstructure of the adjustment and optimization, the effect of antiseptic sanitary butterfly valve will be further improved.

During the antiseptic experiment in aqueous solution, soaks the antiseptic stainless steel specimens in the preparation of good bacterial liquid, observes the colony number of microbial after different soaking time. The result shows that the killing rate of Escherichia coli and MRSA can reach 90%-95%, the material can sterilize in aqueous solution. It can not only kill bacteria in direct contact, also can kill not direct contact with the bacteria through the solution of diffusion.

You have to use metal products with antiseptic effect of a variety of shapes and good appearance when sanitary butterfly valves are in pharmaceutical machinery, medical equipment, bathrooms items and cleaning decoration. This newly born with antiseptic effect sanitary butterfly valve, is the ideal product.