ASME BPE – Bio-processing Equipment (II)


ASME BPE – Bio-processing Equipment (II)

Currently eight subcommittees of ASME BPE focused separately on the following functions:

1. General requirements?GR?: To coordinate each part of the standard specification documents and to provide unified notes for the terminology used in the standard.

2. Design for Sterility and Cleanability?SD?: To provide equipment, accessories, and systems groups with BPE standards, so as to take advantage of the proved solution to design and maintain production systems’ clean and sterile processes.

3. Dimensions and Tolerances for Stainless Steel Automatic Welding and Hygienic Clamp Tube Fittings and Process Components?DT? ?To establish standards requirements for size, pressure rating, tolerance, labeling and packaging of clean fittings; research and collate existing national standards and integrate them on demand

STAINLESS-STEEL-SANITARY-ASME-BPE-BIOPHARM-FITTINGS-WELLGREEN4. Material Joining?MJ?: To establish standards for manual or automatic welding methods and operations of the process control equipment and accessories which have strict purity requirements and process control, including the design and preparation of welding, welding shape, the use of sealing, criteria for standard welding and non standard welding, and assembly and process / performance verification.

5. Stainless Steel and Higher Alloy Product Contact Surface Finishes ?SF??Mainly for equipment, piping and fittings, valves and other components to provide adequate surface processing options, to ensure a valid clean and disinfection. And also provide general guideline for antiseptic processing requirements process technology and the use of mechanical or electro-mechanical method.

6. Equipment Seals?SG?: To establish design and manufacturing standards for mechanical seals and sanitary gaskets used in sanitary pumps, pressure tanks, sanitary valves and pipelines.

7. Polymer-Based Materials?PM?: To establish usage standards for polymer-based materials in equipments, fittings, assemblies and systems.

8. Metallic Materials of Construction?MMOC?: Mainly to select the replacement for the metal materials, study and formulate its mechanical and physical properties, test procedures, and other properties of these materials.

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