ASME BPE – Bio-processing Equipment (III)

ASME BPE – Bio-processing Equipment (III)

There are two other subcommittees responsible for supporting the publication of the various parts of the standards, namely:

1. Certification?CR?: To provide certification criteria for those hygienic fittings, equipments or services agencies which comply with BPE standards; to provide guidelines and authorization for the agencies which are approved to mark ASME BPE marking on the fittings and equipments. The publish of this part in the Standard is under preparation in 2009 edition.

2. The European BPE Subcommittee: To evaluate the issues related to European biopharmaceutical industry, and coordinate appropriately through the BPE standards subcommittee. The establishment of this subcommittee is similar to other subcommittee, it should also report to the Executive Committee and the main committee.

STAINLESS-STEEL-SANITARY-ASME-BPE-fittings-BIOPHARM-FITTINGS-BUTTWELD-WELLGREENBiotechnology promotes the development of the pharmaceutical industry. The cooperation and merger and acquisition of traditional pharmaceutical companies and biotech companies bring new power to the development and production of traditional medicines; Biotechnology companies are also seeking funds support and marketing resources from pharmaceutical companies to reduce the risk of individual operations. At the same time, the industry itself and the various regulatory agencies are presenting higher barrier for the operation of pharmaceutical or biotech companies to ensure the effectiveness , identity, safety, purity , and quality of medicines.

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