ASME BPE 鈥 Bio-processing Equipment ( I )

ASME BPE 鈥 Bio-processing Equipment (聽I )

ASME BPE standard is set to provide interpretation and reference guidance to the field of engineering and technology designers, manufacturers and equipment operators; also as a standardized guideline for drugs and biological products production equipment installation, equipment inspection, equipment validation process.

With BPE standards being widely used in the industries like pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical which have strict limited purity request, big manufacturers and end users in cosmetics, nutritional supplements and personal care products industry have also begun to use the BPE standard.

The sanitary fittings standard of ASME BPE origin dated back to 1988 Association of ASME Winter Annual Meeting. 聽Many attendees expressed their willingness and interest of the establishment of biopharmaceutical industry standard equipment accessories design, and asked the ASME Code and Standards Committee (CCS) to approve the proposal.

ASME_BPE-standard-tube-fittings-sanitary-fittings-wellgreenOn June 20, 1989 CCS approved the proposal and indicated pressure specifications and standards department to begin this work.

In the 1990 session, the Special Committee which was subsequently established, reached an consensus and will on the need to achieve compliance with the norms and standards to create biological processes operating requirements; to achieve this goal, it has established six relevant subcommittees, including general requirements, equipment sterilization and clean design , dimensions and tolerances , material welding, surface treatment and sealing.

The first edition of the standard draft submitted in 1995 to the ASME Pressure technical norms and standards department (BPTCS), and in 1997 published in 1997 the first edition of the official standard. The revised versions of the standard are published in 2002, 2004, 2005, 2007 and 2009, 2012.

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