ASME BPE Standard Analysis – (02)

ASME BPE Standard Analysis – (02)

The Major Advantages of ASME BPE

  • To exert strict control of sulfur composition between 0.005%~0.017%, so that overlaying welding can be done during automatic welding. (See table DT-3, ASME BPE 2009). To state clearly various surface treatment and surface roughness in quantitative way. (See table SF-4?ASME BPE-2009)
  • On the basis of the requirement of Ra average value, it adds a requirement for Ra max value of the surface. (See table SF-4, ASME BPE-2009)
  • Clearly state the requirement for methods of measurement and tolerance. (See table DT-4, ASME BPE-2009)
  • A quantitative request on how to measure different flaws caused by different reasons, such as flaws caused by the quality of raw materials, mechanical technology, and welding. (See table SF-3, ASME BPE-2009)
  • To clearly state the standard of marking and package for the components. (See table DT-3, ASME BPE-2009)
  • To clearly state the Maximum pressure rating. (See table DT-2, ASME BPE-2009)Precisely defines the basic concepts of systems and components. (See table GR-10, ASME BPE-2009)
  • A general requirement for the design of sanitary sterile parts and piping components, such as sanitary valves, pumps and heat changers. (See section SD, ASME BPE-2009)
  • Specifies the class that defines the structure of the different forms of seals, mechanical and physical properties in a variety of applications requirements

Sanitary Pipe Fittings Details


Stainless steel pipe fittings comply with ASME BPE standards.

The composition of the sealing material must be FDA and pharmaceutical USP24 Class VI certificated.


The diameters of stainless steel pipe fittings range usually from 1/2?~6?, outer diameters the same as the pipes’.


Pipe fittings are made of AISI 316L, which its sulfur composition is between 0.005%~0.017% and so as for overlaying welding after automatic welding.

WELLGREEN manufactured pipe fittings comply with ASME BPE standards.

Multi-step cycling cleaning to ensure the cleanness of the pipe fittings and perfection of the passivated layer.

Cleaning steps include degreasing, pickling, electric polishing (if needed) and passivation, finally washed by purified hot deionized water twice.


Inspection Procedure

According to ASME BPE standards, table SF-3 clearly specifies surface treatment flaws, WELLGREEN pipe fittings are 100% visual inspected.

According to the tolerance in table DT-5 in ASME BPE, all pipe fittings’ dimensions are 100% inspected.surface-treatment-condition-of-asme-bpe-fittings-sf4-wellgreen


Each pipe fitting should be marked with heat treatment numbers, operating number, material class, standard, surface treatment (SFF) and company logo according to ASME BPE Part DT.


Each pipe fitting need to be packed with end caps, sealed in a plastic bag and labeled in accordance with the requirements of ASME BPE standard labeling.

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