Attention of Food Machinery and Food Safety of China

Attention of Food Machinery聽and Food Safety聽of China

Focus On the Development of Food Machinery Industry

Food machinery products are not mere mechanical and electrical products, it is include food making machine, food packing machine, food filling machine, stainless steel filter, food grade valves, food grade tube fittings etc. Food machinery products are closely related to the importance of food safety comparable. Food machinery industry needs to strengthen their sense of responsibility for food safety, strengthen management, and keep the industry safe lifeline. Otherwise, once the collapse of public confidence, there will be of possibility of brand damage or being squeezed out of the market. In recent years, under the good promotion of domestic market economy, domestic food machinery gradually ushered in the opportunity for development. Our country is an agricultural power, it can be said, every harvest grain needs to be processed before being served on the table. So the market prospect of food machinery industry is quite broad.

Focus On Food Safety, Focus on Food Machinery Safety

With the improvement of people’s living standards, China’s food industry is developing rapidly in recent years, which has maintained a more than 20 % annual growth rate. However, in the development of China’s food safety brilliant backdrop, the status of China’s food safety frequent problems cannot be ignored. How to ensure food safety and to improve the situation of it? “From farm to fork” regulatory model is widely respected, and this is one of the most extensive food safety regulatory models within the scope of today’s world. In this chain, food machinery industry, which is directly involved in food production and packaging, has been somewhat neglected whereas people pay more attention to the raw materials for food. However, as an upriver industry for food, food machinery and equipment manufacturing industry covers food machinery, packaging machinery, sanitary valves, sanitary pumps and other machines and accessories. These parts play a vital role for the protection of food safety. Their technology, quality, etc., have a direct impact on food quality during food production. In food production process, compares to manual production, automatic production machinery and equipment have many benefits in terms of improving productivity and also preventing security risk from artificial contacts. Thus, high鈥搕ech and automated equipments has a crucial role as to ensure food safety and to promote the development of the food industry. The article was collected and revised by WELLGREEN PROCESS SOLUTIONS – Your reliable solution of sanitary valves and fittings.