Baby food firm Aptamil investigate complaint after 11-week-old suffers food poisoning

Baby food firm Aptamil investigate complaint after 11-week-old suffers food poisoning

Baby food firm Aptamil launched an investigation after a mum complained their brand of milk was allegedly linked to her 11-week-old son’s bout of food poisoning.
Worrying: Baby Roman was in hospital for a week with food poisoning
Mum Laura Stevens, 30, found blood spots in little Roman’s nappy and rushed him to the doctors.

He was sent to hospital where he remained for a week with constant diarrhoea and temperature as a result of camploybacter bacteria – the most common cause of food poisoning.

Laura, a first-time mum, says Roman had consumed nothing other than Aptamil baby milk before he became ill.

But the company traced the batch and said all quality checks had been carried out and there had been no other complaints about their milk.

Since the incident, Laura, from Swindon, Wilts., has decided to switch to another product.

She said Roman was left lethargic and pale after the camploybacter bacteria took over his body.

The strain of bacteria is more commonly seen in meat and poultry.

The insurance worker said: “I was gobsmacked, his insides had swollen from the food poisoning and the blood was the bacteria trying to get out of his little body.”

Laura, who lives with Roman’s dad Luke Embling, 30, added: “As a first-time mum, I started panicking when I saw the fresh blood, it didn’t stop for nearly a week and the diarrhoea was constant.

“I was terrified he was bleeding internally, or I’d done something wrong in pregnancy. I didn’t know what to do.”

Aptimal said: “We are aware of this complaint and were concerned to hear that Miss Steven’s son had been unwell.

“We have been in contact with her and are pleased that he is recovering.

“All our milks are manufactured to stringent quality standards including high temperature processing and a number of quality tests before they are released for sale.

“We have checked our production records and know that all of the quality checks were carried out. We have not received any other similar complaints.

“We are happy to help with any independent investigation but have not yet been contacted.”

Public Health England said they had not been asked to investigate but were aware of a confirmed case of campylobacter in a young child in the Swindon area.

“Most infections are sporadic and it is difficult to trace it back to the exact source.

“Microbiological testing would have to be carried out to confirm it was the same strain that linked the patient and the implicated food.

“Without this, there is no way of confirming an association to a particular product.”

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