British “Father of KFC” refused to eat KFC

British “Father of KFC” refused to eat KFC


“Kentucky Fried Chicken should concentrate on doing.” Raymond Allen (Raymond Allen) said, “The company now only Guzhe compete with other fast food do not properly do their own strengths.” The 87-year-old man now living in the British island of Jersey, living a low-key life. Few people know that in half a century ago, Mr. Allen introduced to Kentucky Kingdom.

“Near where I live there is a KFC now, but I never go.” Allen said, “KFC company ruining the product.” Mr. Allen’s wife of 84 years, Shirley (Shirley Allen) also said that now Once inside the KFC menu was complicated whole dizzy, do not know what a good point.

KFC, the development of the southern United States, a plain chicken restaurant now offers a diverse menu of the company, is the global development process must go through the steps, it requires extensive menu types to meet the diverse needs of consumers, and provide localization of the menu and even key emerging markets such success in China is KFC.

But the menu became rich after the original KFC fried chicken shop is clearly no longer the same. Mr. Allen is one of the few to know Kentucky Fried Chicken recipe spice taste veteran 11, after the original with KFC founder Harland David Sanders (Harland David Sanders) met at a conference in Chicago, the two Personal hit it off, “Colonel” Sanders asked Mr. Allen to open Kentucky to England.

“He is a gentleman refreshing.” Allen said. Back in England, according to Col. Alan really start a fried chicken recipe. From fast food to help others do the delivery of chicken begin until KFC in the UK opened more than 400 stores. Finally in 1973, the company sold Allen. Allen said at the peak of the expansion of the company, he has every week for new stores opened and ran to the bank to do business.

From Allen to sell the company to now, a flash 40 years later. “Last go to KFC for dinner is one thing a year ago.” Allen said, “they should also not go again.” The old man’s speech reveals a dazzling variety of menus for fried chicken and quality of disappointment . He said that in the first time to do KFC, signs fried chicken and raw materials for very strict. “We use only the freshest chicken, and weight must be exactly two pounds and a half (about 1.13 kilograms). Because of this requirement, we were once the source of the lack of chicken.”

Now, fresh chicken Leaving aside widespread quality problems on processing sectors and recipes, the “Colonel” developed chicken really change. Kentucky officials also insisted that although the use of the original 11 kinds of spices fried chicken recipe, but the chicken was not the original flavor. When asked if you remember the smell of fried chicken recipe 11, Allen said: “I can not remember at the moment, but the recipe is certainly still I do not know how much it’s worth, but I’m sure. do not sell it. “

However, if KFC keep doing a simple fried chicken shop, will develop what, no one can give an answer.

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