China Shuanghui Supplys Chilled Fresh Porks For Russia Market

China Shuanghui Supply Chilled Fresh Porks For Russia Market


Shuanghui Began Export Fresh Ports to Russia

Last week,聽425 metric tons porks exported to Russia smoothly from Wangkui Shuanghui Beidahuang Food Co. Ltd. 鈥 a subsidiary of Shuanghui Development Co., Ltd, the biggest meat supplier of China. It is the first time to export meats for Russia after 2001. It will stimulate the development of Heilongjiang meat food processing, it is a positive signal for China food product 鈥 they are ability to supply quality food to worldwide, and restore the reputation of China food.

On September 2014, Shuanghui said two subsidiaries of them 鈥 Wangkui Shuanghui Beidahuang Food Co. and Heilongjiang Baoquanling Shuanghui Food Industry Co. got the official nod after their production facilities and products were examined and assessed by official from Russian meat products watchdog, the Federal Service for veterinary and Phytosanitary Surveillance in August.

In order to widen its import market for meat, the Russian government agreed to import meat products from five Chinese suppliers by the end of August, indicating the nation has taken a flexible strategy to balance the supply and demand relationship, while the US and its European allies are trying to squeeze the country’s trade space in the world market.

Russia’s Far East region used to rely heavily on meat supplies from the US and Canada. The change in meat suppliers comes after Moscow imposed a one-year ban in August on a number of agricultural products, including meat, fish, poultry, fruit, vegetables, wine and dairy products from the US, other member nations of the European Union, Norway, Canada and Australia in retaliation for the economic sanctions imposed against it by the West.

About Shuanghui and WH Group

WH Group is the largest pork company in the world, with number one positions in China, the U.S. and key markets in Europe. Our unique global platform integrates hog production, hog slaughtering and the processing and distribution of packaged meats and fresh pork, placing us in the number one position in all of the key segments of the pork industry.

WH is the majority shareholder of Henan Shuanghui Investment & Development Co., Ltd. (“Shuanghui Development”) – China’s largest meat processing business, and own Smithfield Foods, Inc.- a global food company. WH also have a 37% shareholding in Campofrio Food Group, S.A., the largest pan-European packaged meat products company and one of the largest companies in the global processed meats sector.

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