China YTVFZ-EXPO Exhibition Information

China YTVFZ-EXPO Exhibition


Exhibition background
Asia Pacific international exhibition of pump valve has succeeded to hold for 4th. After four years of continuous development, now it has been one of biggest Pump valve shows in the world. Exhibition content fully covered including pump, valve, sanitary stainless steel pipe fittings, valve accessories, pipeline, final controlling element, sealing element, process industry and so on. It is directly and roundly serviced by pump valve industry from source to end the whole industrial chain. Each session exhibition will have more than 400 Pump valve industry manufacturersthat comes from more than 20 countries in the world and professional buyers to visit nearly twenty thousand procurement that exceed more than 30 countries and regions. With enlarging year by year of exhibition area, increasing of foreign enterprise and raised year by year of the number of audience, Asia Pacific international exhibition of pump valve will be held in October every year.
Ostentatious work of 鈥淭he fifth Asia-pacific international pump valve expo 2015鈥 has roundly started. The activity regards development of fuel pump valve industry as purpose. It will combine development of state of current industry market, “Challenge innovation across” as the theme, the content focused on fair value and guiding significance.Exhibition activities are all kinds of industry is very important marketing platform, can understand the production technology level, and the development of insight into industry trends.We sincerely invite domestic and foreign registration participation positively, visit the pump valve industry manufacturers, create brilliant.

Display categories
1, pumps, centrifugal pumps, vacuum pump, screw pump, metering pump, sewage pump, fire pump, flow pump, submerged pump, pneumatic pump, chemical pump, oil pump, self-priming pump, gear pump, magnetic pump, positive displacement pump, pump and other impurity pump products, etc.;
2,Valve, ball valve, butterfly valve, gate valve, drain valve, steam trap, check valve, throttle valve, plunger valve, solenoid valve, globe valve;sanitary ball valve, sanitary check valves;Plug valves, pressure reducing valve, regulating valve, safety valve, diaphragm valve, ceramic valve, relief valve, hose valve, Angle valve, automatic valve, mixed actuators (actuators) and driving devices, etc.
3, valves, fittings, valve body, valve seat, valve cover, valve yoke, valve core, bolts, nuts, gasket, flange, filler, seal ring, valve position transmitter and valve pressure testing device, the valve grinding machine, etc.;
4, pipe, stainless steel pipe, glass steel, metal tube, aluminum tube, pipe, water supply and drainage pipeline and liquid pipeline, gas pipeline, pulp powder conveying pipeline, pipeline anticorrosion technology equipment, pipe welding, pipeline inspection equipment and technology, etc.;
5, actuators, electric actuators, pneumatic actuators, pneumatic hydraulic actuator, the electro-hydraulic actuator, etc.
6, packing: all kinds of pipe fittings, pump valve sealing and preservation, packing, all kinds of testing cleaning equipment, etc.;
7, process industry: compressor, pump, valve, pipe flowmeter, blower, vacuum equipment, instruments and meters, pneumatic components, sensors, transmitters, actuators, joint, seal material, welding equipment, fluid conveying equipment and storage systems, fluid drive and control system, fluid sealing, fluid handling, fluid measurement and control system, water treatment equipment, etc.;

The organizing committee of the contact way:
Shanghai purple exhibition service co., LTD
Telephone: 86-21-86-86
The true: 86-21-5168-5657
Mail box:
Contact: Xie Yuanhang

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