Wenzhou China businessmen spend twenty million develops worthy cooking machine

Wenzhou China businessmen spend twenty million invention worthy chef cooking machine

machine will replace men in kitchen
Yesterday afternoon, the pool is located in Wenzhou city Xie Lane a fast food shop, customers door. Astonishing is that area of ??over 200 square meters of the store, actually is not equipped with a cook, all the dishes directly from a machine.

Even more surprising is that the location of fast-food restaurants are located, has been a succession of too many restaurants, pass the test results because the cooking fumes forced to close, and the bosses dare open a restaurant again, dependent or this amazing machine .

This machine is warm business Panjin Min eight years spent 20 million yuan to build a smoke-free environment integrated intelligent kitchen.

Cook dishes layman responsible for the supply

In February this year, Henan new money to the city pigsty candidate pool lane Xie Jie sister company called fast food restaurants.

“Because my wife washing dishes at this store, I just came up and I did not expect the store to arrange my cooking, I was pretty scary.” Pigsty new money, said he knew nothing about cooking, fast food restaurants before coming to work is to help others responsible for transporting appliances.

Unexpectedly, the new money pigsty first day of work, officially get started.

He and another for cooking the same lay colleagues, is responsible for the constant stream of fast-food restaurants to provide customers with dishes.

Make Money becomes very magical new pigsty is set equipment in the kitchen.

“According to the instruction input data, then add the ingredients on it.” The new money pigsty said.

Yesterday, the reporter on the scene saw the fast food kitchen was open state, kitchen and dining area are directly connected, no anything shelter, restroom and saw the money on a new machine by a few times, then add spices and ingredients, two or three minutes, to distribute hot meals will be directly released.

Compared with the huge restaurant, kitchen area also appears to be very small.

Reporters tried to burn out the dishes and found burned out from ordinary fast food meals is not much difference, restaurants responsible Panjin Min told reporters that they have more than 200 square meters shop, kitchen area, but only six square meters.

The reporter learned that the number of fast-food operators, the proportion of the general restaurants, restaurant area and kitchen area is 3: 1, 200 square meters of fast-food restaurants like, at least 50 square meters with a kitchen area.

For the development of cooking machine almost bankrupt

From 50 square meters to six meters, Panjin Min spent eight years.

Panjin Min born chef, started in 1998 to join the fast-food restaurants, the city has contracted with a number of large companies staff restaurant.

At work, Panjin Min found inseparable from the production of traditional Chinese snack stove, cook in the kitchen of life, good or bad decision cook everything, and fumes filled the air, exhaust the nose, cross-flow of wastewater, oil and greasy food seasoning chaos everywhere Every place has become a commercial kitchen is difficult to change the situation.

“Often a shop because the chef’s departure, business has plummeted, while, because soot emissions were neighborhood complaints, many fast food restaurants have closed.”

Since 2007, Panjin Min began pondering cooking machine: Can you have a machine to replace the chef cooking?

But his idea, and soon led to a cynical: Even if a dish is very common, and when the next dish, when the dish, when a small fire, when the fire, even though the average person, it is difficult to grasp, let alone machines?

Panjin Min is still determined to try, this test is 8 years.

At first, he thought that a few million dollars to spend on it, I did not expect a hit is twenty million, “the family thought I was crazy.” Seeing soon come to the end, and finally cooking machine successfully tested.

How to replace the chef cooking machine?

According Panjin Min introduced by steam cooking machine burning, fried, fried, boiled four functional areas, temperature controlled at 100 ? ~ 300 ?, each dish takes 30-3 seconds, covering fried, fried, fried, simmered , steaming, roasting, stewed, boiled cooking production, will make cooking standardization, mechanization into reality.

Panjin Min said that during the test, the biggest problem is the focus of a pot problem, some of the food market pot manufacturers to solve this problem, it will coat a paint pot, but long-term use, this paint is easy to decompose to produce carcinogens.

If you do not paint coating, the focus pot with what the solution? This question trapped high school Panjin Min.

Technical director told him to hire Panjin Min Jiao pot pot mainly because uneven heating caused by high temperatures when cooking pot, Xiguo time and instant cooling.

After repeated deliberations, Panjin Min decided to make two pot, intermediate injection HTF. This HTF quality and welding process has placed enormous demands.

Panjin Min said, they repeated the test, because in the development stage, a lot of parts to be tailored, potentially increasing costs. Light this technological breakthrough, it took nearly a year to spend 500 million yuan. Finally, the thermal aspects to spend a complex of oil imports, the reference to the submarine welding technology welding technology.

Another problem is the uneven heating dishes, Chinese stir fry used to solve this problem, but cooking stir fry machine can not like people at random, like broiled fish, so a machine for fish over and over again, and will definitely crumble fish body. Their solution is heated by means of a microwave tube, hot 360 degree coverage without dead ends, do not stir still cooked.

“In the meantime, the most fun way to collect pig swill, they gave me a thousand dollars a year, because often the test fails again and again had to be drained burn burnt food.” Panjin Min said.

Theoretically you can burn countless dishes

Coke pot solve problems, and to solve the problem of uneven heating dishes that a chef’s standard distance is not enough, cooking machine and how to burn it out in one hand and a delicious meal?

Panjin Min told reporters that they have a uniform distribution center, prior to wash, change the knife good ingredients, seasoning packet, according to the proportion of packaging components. Every kind of food, how much oil, how much cooking temperature, how much cooking long, have done a detailed annotation, the operator simply based on three under instructions on the package selected on cooking machine corresponding fuel, temperature, duration of each point on it , cooking machine will be operated according to the instructions. The upcoming second-generation cooking machine does not need to lose data or even directly to the two-dimensional code on the bag can sweep.

As every kind of vegetable oil and other data needed to follow their own experience, the food burn again, and then burn out according to taste, increase or decrease the spices, so come.

Once you enter a set of parameters, the machine continues to run according to these parameters, to maintain the quality of each product remains unchanged, unless you change the input parameters. Different regions according to the location of the restaurant can be used to set the parameters of people’s taste, so food tastes habits in line with specific populations. ”

Panjin Min said that at present, they have developed a 180 dishes, and even more capable than the chef cooking machine, a good job as long as the content input, it is theoretically possible to fry dish countless.

Will set off a revolution in the field of fast food?

Panjin Min do help promote Zhou Rongguang to reporters calculations, which are in the pool Lane restaurant Xie average 600 people per day visit, the staff is equipped with only 11 people, including lighting, electricity included, the consumption of electricity a month only 9000 yuan , and in accordance with traditional practice, he was with the size of the store at least 17 people, more than 20,000 yuan in gas expenses.

And cooking machine, frying machines are built-in fume treatment equipment, cooking machine with a compartment temperature device, the heat does not distribute to the kitchen, away from the traditional Chinese kitchen temperatures above 40 degrees Celsius, to solve the most difficult to open a snack soot emissions. Unified distribution system ingredients, it is further reducing the threshold to open a fast food restaurant and costs.

A ring detection technology Ltd. Wenzhou Ou inspection report shows that air volume fume emission baseline concentration of 0.1. The company staff Lee told reporters, when they are cooking machine tests collected, sampled exhaust parts in cooking machine, dining class standard emission concentration value of 2.0.

With the current cooking machine, Panjin Min has applied hand 17 utility model patents. He wants to use cooking machine standardization of operation, like KFC, like the establishment of a unified distribution centers in the country, using the pre-cooking machine rental model, to build closer ties with the franchisee, the real chain, promote Chinese fast food world.

They located Xie pool lane restaurants opened more than a month, there have been four businessmen intent to join. In Zhou Rongguang view, save, delicious, fast, affordable, and other advantages, so cooking machine with a great promotion space.

Vice president of Wenzhou Chinese bowl dish Research Huangyun Bo told reporters after he learned that case, go to the scene experienced, cooking machine not only convenient, but also taste really Stir the vegetables can also, in fast food and canteens are very promotion of space, but this machine can not be cooking in the big hotel promotion, after all, largely as a large chef an artist of color, flavor dishes are great stress, especially when more of an art Wobble.

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