Chinese demand for import food increases 15 percent

China international food and exhibition of drink of lasting until today could describe as popularity, just 3 days, visitors has exceeded fifty thousand. With speed of development of electronic commerce, oversea exhibitors of food also is with help of electronic commerce to seize Chinese market, 鈥 cross-border electricity鈥, 鈥渕icro mobile phone shop鈥 etc. become another style of exhibition in this year.

China international food and exhibition of drink is the biggest exhibition of international food and beverage in Asia, this year attracting 2700 enterprise from global food and beverage. Compared with previous years, proportion of overseas exhibitor largely increase, America, France, Turkey, Spain etc. countries all groups to participate.

Statistics show that, total import food demand in china increase progressively with the annual speed of 15 percent, projected to 2018, China will be the biggest imported food consumer in global, at the appointed time, China imported food market scale will be up to 480 billion RMB.

At the scene of exhibition, it is seen everywhere 020 participation way of checking product introduction and online order of 鈥渟weep up鈥. Many exhibitors who come from foreign countries have the internet and electric commerce on the tip of their tongues.

鈥淭he tiger鈥 brand from Hong Kong, known as pronoun of drug, but that bring buckwheat tea, ginger tea etc. drink to participate in the scene makes audience some surprise. But staff of booth talk to reporters with pointing to propaganda wall of one piece of 鈥渆lectricity products鈥, these products already has passed more than 20 electric platform of business to enter Chinese mainland market. For them, flexibility and coverage of e-commerce greatly accelerate popularity of import goods, 鈥渙nline conversion rate of purchase of online is up to 35 percent鈥.