Dismantling and cleaning of sanitary ball valve


Dismantling and cleaning of sanitary ball valvestainless-steel-sanitary-ball-valves-hygienic-ball-valve-wellgreen

What is the dismantling and cleaning method of sanitary ball valve? You will know it after reading the article. If there is still any doubt, please don’t hesitate to contact Wellgreen Process for more information.

Tools and method聽need for sanitary ball valve dismantling and cleaning:

The tools of dismantling and assembling for sanitary ball valve, except screwdriver combination pliers, adjustable wrench and hammers, there are the following common tools:

    • Spanner: It can only throw a specification of nut or bolt, comparing wit
      h adjustable wrench, it is not easy to damage the nuts and bolts, there are three type of spanners: open-end spanner, the wrench and double offset ring spanner.
    • Socket wrench of sanitary ball valve: It is composed of different size of double offset ring spanner, used in the position which is difficult to operate.
    • Lock Wrench: It鈥檚 divided into fixed hook spanner, adjustable hook spanner and U form lock wrench. It is used to gauge stuck on the nut
    • Special wrench of sanitary ball valve: It includes ratchet wrench and torque wrench, ratchet wrench don鈥檛 need to adjust the angle when it鈥檚 wrenching. Torque wrench is also called loading wrench. When you are wrenching it hard, the elastic rod produces deformation, the force is larger the deformation is larger.
  • Sanitary ball valve hand wrench: It was welded by round steel and pipes, it is commonly used switch the hand wrench.

The difference between聽sanitary ball valve and sanitary butterfly valve

Feature of sanitary ball valve:

-Small flow resistance, stainless steel flanged ball valves can be completely sealed in high pressure and temperature position, sanitary ball valve can open and close quickly. The body of sanitary ball valve is symmetry, can effective the pressure of pipes, can deal with all kinds of high pressure vacuum condition, widely applications.

The opening and closing type of sanitary butterfly valve is disc type, the main feature of it is:

  • Simple structure, small volume, easy installation
  • Small flow resistance coefficient.
  • Can be used for large diameter valves
  • Can be used in different sealing surface, usinga variety of environments, including powder, a pull medium and etc. And the sealing of sanitary ball valve is better than sanitary butterfly valve.

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