Every few days to eat fried chicken 9 year old girl to menstruation

Every few days to eat fried chicken 9 year old girl to menstruation

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Doctors explained that the main reason for precocious puberty is eating too much food containing hormones, parents should pay attention to controlling

April 26, 9-year-old Chinese young girl and her mother came to the hospital, because that day more than 9:00, the homeroom teacher called girl’s mother said: “The child bleeding, see if it is menstruation” This sentence Chinese young girl surprised mother and daughter was 9 years old, can do so early menstruation?

Daughter menstruation by classmates joke

Yesterday, after receiving the teacher’s phone, Chinese young girl mother quickly took leave of absence, came to the school and saw Chinese young girl blushed like a mistake, like a move forward step by step, for fear that others look at her pants.

It turned out that under the first class lesson, Chinese young girl with small partners to play with on the playground. Playing playing, a student found a special case Chinese young girl, suddenly attracted a lot of students to onlookers. Chinese young girl overwhelmed, ran back to the classroom. Then, there are the students before telling the teacher, the teacher looked at Chinese young girl, rushed to her parents called.

For insurance purposes, teacher recommendation Chinese young girl Chinese young girl to the hospital to see my mother took to exclude the possibility of gynecological diseases or trauma. It stands to reason, third grade girl menstruation there, but not too much, usually five or six girls in grades, many are beginning to have periods.

Test results are precocious children

Chinese young girl bacame a joke because the students, the psychological burden is very heavy, did not dare to speak. Mother quickly took her to the hospital, after several checks gynecologist told the child is menarche, which is precocious performance.

“So early menstruation? Child was 9 years old ah!” Chinese young girl’s mother very puzzled.

The doctor told my mother Chinese young girl do not worry, now children generally good nutrition, early development, 9-year-old girl to menstruation is not the earliest, there are children entered primary school came menstruation. “Now that you have come menstruation is generally irreversible, small children, parents should help their children more carefully, if you still can not stop bleeding 3-7 days, going to the hospital for treatment. But as long as the law of menstruation comparison, note the cold period warm and avoid strenuous exercise can be. ”

Children especially love to eat fried chicken

As we all know, after the girl to menstruation, growth will start slowing down, the impact on the intellectual development as well. From a psychological perspective, the child was no longer so simple, sometimes sexual impulses, more or less delay learning.

What causes the 9-year-olds to menstruation? Doctors said the cause of precocious puberty medical devices by simply not check out, should be with the child’s habits have a great relationship, especially diet. Bluntly speaking, something containing hormones eat more, over time, will advance the child’s maturity.

Chinese young girl’s mother said with a sigh: “It seems I was too spoiled child.” Judging from the appearance, Chinese young girl stature than the average of their peers to be high, has reached 1.45 m, weight 43 kg, looks strong, from secondary sexual characteristics, the breasts have developed a little bit.

So, the children usually have to eat what? With her mother’s words, Chinese young girl has been relatively small to large, “the food”, is to drink milk growing up, and grew up eating more than the age of the child. Eat meat, oil and loved to eat, especially love to eat fried chicken, eat one every other twenty-three days back. Usually snack constantly, nutritious, not nutrition love to eat.

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