Features of Sanitary Butterfly Valve

Features of Sanitary Butterfly Valve

What is Sanitary Butterfly Valve

Sanitary stainless steel butterfly valve is sanitary valve which made in food grade stainless steel 304,316L etc., with a round disc to opening and closing valve and adjusting the fluid channel. It is a very important flow control valve and widely used for food, beverage, dairy, brewing, pharmacy industries etc.


Sanitary Butterfly Valve Features:

-1. The disc of sanitary butterfly valve is made in quality material, and sealing gaskets are imported from Japan to ensure the performance and service life of sanitary butterfly valve.

-2. The valve body is made by high-precision CNC lathes to ensuring a reliable interchangeability of gasket and seat, it eliminating the trouble which can not guarantee the performance while need for replacement of rubber gasket .

-3. Valve stem inserts nylon sleeve, reducing friction and thus open and flexible ease.

-4. Valve parts are made of stainless steel, rubber gasket is food grade which with high hygienic quality and meet the requirement of FDA and GMP etc.

-5. The valve is normal diameter which is equal port to tube diameter, the direction of valve disc which is narrow and streamlined when opening is consistent with fluid direction. It is large flow but little resistance, and no material accumulation.

-6. Using wrench handle and pulling handle, can withstand greater operating torque and it is difficult to pull off.

-7. The opening and closing ranges from 0 to 90 degrees, it can be fixed in every position of 15 degrees, with adjustable feature, and opening and closing rapidly, easy to operate.

-8. Valve body is detachable design, simple structure, easy maintenance.

-9. Light and beautiful shape, bright surface and no dusted, no durrs and good visual .

-10. Make strength and pressure tests rigorously to ensure quality before packing.

-11. The sampling carried out not less than 30,000 times for the fatigue life testing to ensure that its service life.

Food grade sanitary butterfly valve is a stainless steel sanitary valve which use rotary disc stainless-steel-sanitary-butterfly-valve-hygienic-valve-wellgreenof reciprocating about 90 degrees to open, close and adjust the liquid channel. Sanitary stainless steel butterfly valve is not only the features of simple structure, small in size, light weight, less waste of material, small installation size, and the drive torque is small, simple, rapid, and also have both features of good flow regulation and close sealing characteristics. It is one of the fastest growth sanitary valve of recent years. Especially in the developed countries such United States, Japan, Germany, France, Italy and other industrialized countries, the use of sanitary butterfly valve is very wide, and the using variety and quantity is expand continually. With good sealing function, long service life, excellent adjustability and multi-function features, its reliability and other performance indicators have reached a high level, and it has been partially replaced shut-off valves, gate valves and ball valves gradually. Food grade sanitary butterfly valves is your good choice, WELLGREEN can be your good partner for these products.