UK:three percent food of KFC wasted each year in each stores

UK:three percent food of KFC wasted each year in each stores


According to the British “Mirror” March 25 reported recently, the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) documentary “The Billion Dollar Chicken Shop” attention, the film shot in an in-depth perspective KFC , broke its every branch annual waste 3 tons of food, the “Twitter” on lead users in an uproar.

It is reported that KFC in the UK more than 800 stores, these stores have to throw away a huge number of finished chicken every day, many homeless people looking for food in the trash, but often expelled. Glasgow, a branch manager Mark argued: “They can not eat this, things have been put up for several days.” But when someone said he had seen a hungry man to turn trash even find a cooked chicken flesh attached, and more than half of Hamburg .

Internet users, “Twitter” on food waste on such a huge shocked uproar. It was said that these people feel very sick waste, angry. Currently, an objection KFC food waste pilot scheme in Brixton launched charity worker will have wasted all cooked chicken KFC take home and give to vulnerable groups in society to enjoy.

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