Food Safety Education Into The Campus, Students Perform A Call To Refuse Garbage Food

Food safety education into the campus, students perform a call to refuse garbage food20170401161738

March 31 hearing, “This is the Scottish spicy skewers, is the vegetable market picking up the rotten vegetables to a string, with the oil is half cheaper, after processing the waste oil, very profitable na!” “You are suspected of unlicensed Business, sales of substandard food, and now go back to PD with me for investigation. “” Merchants “and” law enforcement officers “story is now flexible on the stage, they are issued” to establish a food safety concept, cultivate a good diet, To develop healthy eating habits, to develop good health habits “and other initiatives. March 31, to “focus on food safety, healthy and happy growth” as the theme of food safety education activities in Changsha City Tianxin District College held.

People to food for the day, food to security for the first. In order to cooperate with Hunan Province, “Food Safety Seedling Action” to further promote the “safe campus” activities to improve students’s awareness of food safety and food prevention and discrimination ability, TIANSHU聽Primary School to strengthen the school’s food safety publicity and education work to improve the majority of teachers and students food Safety awareness and self-protection, and to carry out thematic educational activities.

Food safety education is an important work in school education and a job that requires long-term adherence. “Food safety seedlings action” in the remediation range, not only limited to the campus inside, but extended to the road outside the road 100 meters. In the object of remediation, not only limited to the school cafeteria, but including the campus and the surrounding all food production and processing workshops, small food, food vendors and food sales shops, but also to the primary and secondary schools to the collective meal distribution units and schools drinking water.

“Children, you are young, poor self-control, especially in the school around the food store, most like to use all kinds of colorful food to attract you.” College primary school principal Chen Kaying education students, to learn food Safety knowledge, improve food identification ability, do not buy the flow of stalls unqualified food, go to the full license of legitimate shops to buy healthy food, and resolutely resist the “three-no” food, develop good eating habits, healthy and happy growth.

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