Food Safety Issue Continue The Rise in Taiwan

Food Safety Issue Continue聽The聽Rise聽in Taiwan

jiang apologized for food safety again-wellgreen

TAIPEI, Taiwan — Premier Jiang Yi-huah yesterday apologized on the government’s behalf for loopholes that were partially to blame for the recent food scandals that shocked consumers throughout Taiwan.

The premier made the remarks during interpellation at the Legislature, stating that he is 鈥渨illing to shoulder all responsibility and to apologize to the nation’s people, as the government’s failed attempts to ensure food safety have concerned the people.鈥

鈥淏ut I hope that the related industries and the people will be able to cooperate with the government’s harsher policies (against tainted food products) in the future, so as to give rise to a brand new food industry,鈥 said Jiang.

Jiang’s consent to apologize came after ruling Kuomintang (KMT) Legislator Wong Chung-chun asked for the premier to consider the option as the people’s disappointment in the government continues to mount.

The premier stated that he had first issued an apology regarding the tainted oil scare when food oil giant Chang Guann Co. was found to have used recycled waste oil in its lard products. 鈥淚 promise that the executive team will do everything it can, and that the government will never defend dishonest companies,鈥 Jiang stressed.

Jiang added that he is prepared to apologize sincerely whenever the situation calls for an apology due to past government deficiencies, and that the government is determined to root out dishonest manufacturers.

鈥淭he government’s true role and responsibility is not one that apologizes all day long, or one that apologizes only after dishonest factories are busted and the owners are seen defending themselves,鈥 said Jiang. 鈥淭he government should take action and map out actual plans to build up the missing link. As for whether our precautions are truly able to ensure food safety, the people will make their judgment.鈥

Food Safety Office to Launch in Two Weeks

After President Ma Ying-jeou announced on Monday his plan to establish a food safety office in the near future, the premier confirmed yesterday that said office will begin operation within two weeks if personnel alternations go as planned.

鈥淥ur expectations for the office are great, as we hope it will act as the key solution during the government’s fight against tainted food products,鈥 said Jiang.

The office is an elevated version of the Executive Yuan’s original 鈥渇ood safety inspection and crackdown team,鈥 and it will be in charge of promoting food safety management issues across the government’s various departments, said Ma.

Jiang Cautions People to Brace Selves for Further Cases

Prosecutors and investigators will be conducting detailed probes, questioning suspected personnel connected to tainted products and confiscating the said products, said Jiang.

鈥淚n the procedure of investigating, questioning and possible detention, the people should brace themselves for 鈥渃onstant pangs of (shock),鈥 but this does not mean that the government will defend or overlook dishonest companies,鈥 Jiang declared.

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