Iran Urgently Supplies 90 Tons Of Food To Qatar With Fruits And Vegetables

Iran urgently supplies 90 tons of food to Qatar with fruits and vegetables

Food To Qatar

According to Agence France-Presse reported that Iran’s state-run Iranian airline spokesman confirmed that Iran has now sent five flights to Qatar provides 90 tons of food, mainly fruits and vegetables.

The Iranian side said that if Qatar made a request for food aid, Iran would also provide help. According to the Iranian Tasman News Agency reported that 350 tons of food containing three ships have also been from the port of Iran to carry out rush to Qatar. Britain’s “Daily Telegraph” reported on the 11th, in Qatar’s land and sea neighboring Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, the United Arab Emirates announced the closure of airspace after Qatar, Iran to Qatar opened 100 flights.

In recent days, Qatar’s Foreign Minister Mohammed visited for support. On the 10th, Muhammad arrived in Moscow for a visit to Germany and held talks with Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov. According to CNN, Lavrov called on the Arab countries to maintain unity and fight against terrorism. He said that the Russian side is ready to mediate the storm, but the premise is to get the consent of the parties concerned.