From the sanitary valve and fittings – Consider the food safety of China


From the sanitary valve and fittings – Consider the food safety of China

Better food regulation needed in China

Local officials become part of the low-quality food chain and share in the profits. Naturally, they have no interest in eliminating the problem. This is not just apparent in the food and drug sectors. The recent cases of聽pyramid scheme fraud聽in Beihai and Nanning, the sex industry in the Pearl River Delta 鈥 these sorts of problems are also 聽tied up with the interests of local officials. Government aims and objectives are not implemented and so governance fails. Worse, with this culture already entrenched, strengthening enforcement in any one area actually gives officials more power to extract benefit 鈥 creating the opposite effect to that intended. The more invested in enforcement, the more power the officials have, and the less effective governance becomes.

Finally, there鈥檚 consumer and public oversight. China鈥檚 particular policy and legal environment cannot meet the political needs of a modern society and citizenry. Media supervision and public participation are limited, non-governmental supervisory groups cannot act, self-regulation by industry groups is underdeveloped and public law suits against food and drug firms fail to get through the courts. The food and drug industries lack the pressure of social oversight, and so the final and most direct line of defence is lost 鈥 and safety problems just get worse.

No doubt, in China food and drug safety isn鈥檛 just a question of economics. It is also a matter of regulation, and more, a matter of our political and legal system. Management of these structural issues without overall reform, with just the blind expansion of enforcement powers, will be useless.

sanitary valve and fittings of wellgreenI think the first step to safety food system is use the guaranteed equipment of food, such as sanitary valves, sanitary fittings and tanks. We need to set up a normative institution firstly in order to make a safety food system. Then changing this system through economic, administrative, social and legal channels needs the continued participation of the victims 鈥 the citizen as consumer. And this participation must extend beyond supervision and enforcement in the food and drug sectors into all other areas: demanding economic justice, breaking up monopolies and widening market access; shutting down production, pursuing criminal liability, and demanding huge punitive damages; seeking judicial independence, improving law and regulations, expanding legislation, and promoting the rule of law; launching citizen movements, establishing NGOs, and promoting political reform.

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