A German wine winery won three 100 points, and instantly sold out

A German wine won three 100 points, and instantly sold out

German wine producers Marcus Monitor recently completed a feat, he produced three models are given the same vintage year in February, “The Wine Advocate” score of 100 points out, these wines So instantly sold out.

Monitor this 3 Featured Riesling wines from the Mosel vineyards producing three different – Corona Park in the Wehlener Sonnenuhr, Zeltlinger Sonnenuhr and Urziger Wurzgarten.

The German countryside

Monitor this result I am very pleased, he said very little production in 2013, but the high quality, mineral wine flavor, acidity and flavor is very rich, sweet flavor which is also very uneven.

Monitor said that two years ago, there is a wine chateau gained 100 points, or score again this shows the industry is certainly winery, also shows Riesling genuine concern by the international market . Particularly heartening is that this was out of the three models are featured Riesling wine level, this level is not very expensive.

For the Monitor, it can be described as double celebration this award. Because just a year ago, he was highly influential Austrian wine and food magazine named Falstaff Winemaker of the Year, the magazine called “the German wine industry chief master” in recognition over the years for Monitor consistently adhere to quality.

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