“High-End Red Wine” Cost Only A Dozen Pieces, The Chinese Police Destroyed Five Fraud Gangs

“High-end red wine” cost only a dozen pieces, the Chinese police destroyed five fraud gangs

According to reports, Wuhan, China, the police recently detected a violation of personal information cases with citizens, arrested the seller, dig buyers, and then destroyed five telecommunications fraud gangs, and criminal detention of 58 suspects. More than 800 cards, 100 boxes of wine and 130 computers.

Survey shows that known as the “high-end imports of red wine” from fraud gangs is only worth more than 10 yuan, “recommended stocks analysts” without any qualifications, and some only got junior high school education.

Survey shows that The suspect Ke and others bought wine consumer information from the internet, and recruit a large number of salesmen to call to these people, promotion “high-grade red wine”. Police preliminary estimates, just six months, Ke, who illegally purchased more than 60,000 personal information of citizens, the company illegally profitable more than 20 million.

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