How Does Sanitary Clamp Works On The Pipeline

Classification And Technical Use Of Clamps

First of all, let’s understand what a sanitary clamp is? Although this term doesn’t work on pipes, it has a great effect; so far, many people still don’t know what the clamp looks like. There are many sanitary clamps includes heavy duty single pin clamp, double pins clamp and safety clamps etc; here sanitary pipe fittings supplier – wellgreen will focus on how does clamp works on pipelines.

Sanitary stainless steel clamp

Sanitary stainless steel clamp

Sanitary clamps聽are also called聽hygienic clamps.聽Sanitary clamps聽are divided into hose clamps and hoops. What are hose clamps and hoops we will continue to talk about below; the main purpose of sanitary clamps is also named according to its name. The word sanitary is meant to be clean, clean and hygienic. Its use value is also very high, because sanitary clamps are basically used in food pipelines and medical pipelines.

Forming and technical parameters of sanitary on how does clamp works:

1. Sanitary clamps are formed by casting stainless steel and stamping stainless steel plates; the so-called casting means that stainless steel is melted into a liquid at a high temperature of 1550 degrees Celsius, and then poured into a refined silicon melt mold to slowly cool and form. This is only the blank molding of the clamp, not the finished product; there are also components that have undergone surface treatment (vibration) and perforation, rivet retention, ingot nut and other components. Vibration refers to the use of vibration technology to polish and must be hygienic Clean standard; this is a perfect quality product.

2. The application field of sanitary clamps is more common in food and medical pipelines. As mentioned above, I will explain in detail here; why the surface should be polished, because the docking equipment of food and medical pipelines must basically meet the national sanitary standards , Even its finish must have a certain standard. If the user has higher requirements on the product, the stainless steel and high nickel materials SUS304 and SUS316L are basically used; this kind of sanitary clamp is also used in chemical equipment and water treatment equipment.

3. The stainless steel stamping clamp is relatively simple, the manufacturing process is simpler; it is stamped and formed from a stainless steel plate, and then matched with the relevant components; the surface of the product can be polished or whitened according to the user.

4. The nominal pressure of sanitary clamps can be 0~4.0mpa, divided into low pressure clamps, normal pressure clamps and high pressure clamps.

5. Sanitary clamps currently available in the market have diameters ranging from DN15 to DN630; larger ones need to be customized.

The above is just a brief introduction to the molding and technical parameters of several clamps about how does clamp works.