How To Quickly Install And Effectively Maintenance of Sanitary Seamless Tubings

Installation And Effectively Maintenance of Sanitary Seamless Tubings

With the strength of the industry, the application fields of seamless stainless steel pipes are becoming more and more extensive, especially sanitary聽seamless tubings. With its exquisite appearance, high precision and high accuracy, it has a place in this industry.

polished stainless steel tubing

Although sanitary seamless tubings are widely used, during the installation process, they will also encounter problems such as: correct and fast installation, and post-installation maintenance.

First, the first thing to notice is that there is a layer of petroleum oxide film on the outer surface of the sanitary pipe. This requires us to popularize the installers with some problems and specific solutions encountered in the early stage of installation. During the installation process, the product is beaten with different strengths-this is a taboo. When the product is knocked, the oxide film on the surface of the stainless steel tube will be damaged, and the performance of the product will be affected. It is important to use professional tools to operate the product in the right place.

Second, stainless steel pipes of different materials cannot be welded, because the elements contained in each material are different. If forced welding, it will affect product performance and later service life.

Third, when the stainless steel pipe is clamped and quickly installed, a gasket should be added at an appropriate place to enhance the tightness of the stainless steel pipe excuse and prevent the occurrence of gas leak and liquid leakage.

Hygienic seamless tubings for later maintenance:

The maintenance and treatment of wolfberry is very important. Reasonable maintenance can not only make the factory safe production, but also increase the life and aesthetics of stainless steel pipes. The later maintenance of stainless steel pipes is mainly awakened by the oxide film. The oxide film can not only prevent the stainless steel pipe from corrosion and rust, but also prevent the stainless steel pipe from being oxidized and deteriorated by air.