Hygienic piping system has many standards in the world:: ISO / SMS (International Standard), ASME BPE/3A (American Standard Sanitary Specifications), DIN 11850 (German
Standards Association Standard), IDF (International Dairy Federation standards), JIS G 3447 –
1994 (Japanese Stainless Steel Sanitary Tube Standard).

What selection criteria should compliance with construction units (the owners) requirements, generally European companies using DIN standards, U.S. companies using ASME BPE standards.

The dimension of some standards 聽are 聽not complete, there may be a mixture of different standards. This requires to complete the piping table(Piping Class) at the beginning of project , which regulates that nominal diameter range of the project , and the grade, material, standard of sanitary tubings, sanitary fittings, sanitary valves, tri-clover fittings etc.

ASME BPE standard size is relatively complete, the current pharmaceutical engineering applications have more widely, supplier of ancillary products is greater.

At present, ASME BPE are widely acceptance and usage in the processing industry and growth gradually and steadily. Because compliance with the standard is not mandatory, most equipment manufacturers to the standard as a initiatives to enhance the reputation of a product – to prove their products and / or services meet the standards.

ASME BPE describes the problems associated with the design requirements: aseptic systems, component size, materials joining, product contacting surface finish, equipment seals, polymer-based materials and basic acceptance criteria. Therefore Engineering companies often use ASME BPE standards to ensure that the behavior of design, procurement and construction meet the requirements of GMP, in order to ensure the using equipments of health and personal-care manufacturer can be processing safely, then to ensure passing the supervision of government agencies (e.g FDA, SFDA) .

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