Introduce of Sanitary Stainless Steel Dairy ball valve

Introduce of Sanitary Stainless Steel Dairy ball valve

Types of Sanitary Ball Valve:

  • Straight T-type ball valve,
  • Tee T-type welded ball valve,
  • Straight welded ball valve
  • Straight tri-clover ball valve,
  • Tee welded ball valve,
  • Tee tri-clover ball valve
  • Straight SMS聽ball valve
  • Tee SMS ball valve
  • Butterfly type ball valve

The Features of Sanitary Ball Valve

  • Small fluid resistance, the flow coefficient of shrinkage or full bore ball valve is the smallest of all valves.
  • Quick and convenient switch, only need to rotate to 90掳to full open or close, achieved rapid opening and closing.
  • Good sealing: Most of valve seats are made by elastic materials like PTFE, it鈥檚 widely used because the sealing of this material can be ensured.
  • Long service life: PTFE has good self-lubrication, small frictional wear with the valve stem.
  • Reliable: Valve body won鈥檛 scratch valve seat, the valve stem won鈥檛 fly out when it鈥檚 in a sharp wear, with fire 聽prevention and anti-static function.
  • Widely used: Except normal medium, can also transport viscous fluid, slurry, and solid particle.
  • A variety of rotating ways, can realize remote operation and automatic control needs easily.
  • Small volume: Can be installed at any position in the pipeline, easy to install, transport and storage.


Specification of Electric Sanitary Tri-Clover Ball Valve

  • Name: Electric sanitary ball valve
  • Model:DN15-DN150,1鈥-6鈥 ?12.7-?152.4
  • Connection: Tri-clover, welded, threaded, flanged
  • Drive type: Manual, electric, pneumatic, automatic, hydraulic drive
  • Material: Stainless steel 304,304L,316,316L
  • Main specification: 3/4″-8″ (DN8-DN450)
  • Thickness:1.2MM-6MMR=1.5Dstainless-steel-electric-sanitary-ball-valve-clamp-valve-wellgreen
  • Main feature: Resistance to difference of temperature聽,Ordinary pressure 16MPA, Corrosion resistance,Precision, Thin thickness
  • Standard: ISO, DIN, IDF, SMS, 3A etc.
  • Quality: Inside and outside of the product processing with high-grade polishing equipment, to meet the need of surface accuracy
  • Seal ring: EPDM, NBR, PTFE
  • Packing: Carton, wooden case package, plastic
  • Working pressure:1.0MPA
  • Working temperature:-10掳C/+150掳C
  • Scope of application: Food, beverage, drug, dairy products, beer and fine chemicals.
  • External processing: can produce according to user requirements or samples
  • Applicable medium: Gas, Liquid, Steam, Food, Dairy, Fine Chemical, Pharmaceuticals聽etc.


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