The advantage of sanitary clamp fittings

1.Reliable and safety connection:

The strength of sanitary clamp fitting is high and excellent, it鈥檚 anti-vibration.

2.Easy and quick construction:

The on site welding and screwing operation is hard to operate, high rate leakage, environmental pollution probable, and easy to cause risk. But sanitary clamp fitting is very easy to operate and install, and the installation time is just 1/3 of santiary welding fittings and threaded fittings, shorten the construction time and cost, avoid the leakage.

3. Suitable for the embedded installation:

Sanitary clamp fitting meets the requirements of embedded installation, greatly reduced the possibility of a leaky plumbing in hidden environment. Meets the requirement of DIN, 3A, SMS, IDF, ISO, RTJ etc.

4. Maintenance free, update free, Superior economic performance:

In the service life of the building, sanitary clamp fittings almost has no need to maintain and update, saved a lot of using cost for customers, the damage to property and service loss tends to zero.


The principle of sanitary clamp fittingsanitary-clamp-fittings-hygienic-fittings-wellgreen

  • Principle of stopping leakage: full in O type sealing ring in U shape groove, it stops the water permeability, not plugs the water.
  • Principle of tensile: small in middle, big in two heads, pulling>3.0mpa.
  • Principle of resistance rotation: press and turn it into a hexagonal with a special press-fitting tool, to prevent the use of rotation is leaking


The feature of sanitary clamp pipe fitting

Quick and easy operation of sanitary clamp fitting, the installation time is just 1/3 of the traditional pipes,(only need 5s/time for motor-driven), sanitary clamp pipe fittings are hygiene, environmental, economic, reliable, have long service life, maintenance free, update free

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