MAYSU cosmetics signing Milan Expo 2015

MAYSU cosmetics signing Milan Expo 2015

April 2, Garan Group JALA and its high-end brands MAYSU and 2015 Milan World Expo China Pavilion in Shanghai officially signed on as the Expo China Pavilion, the only officially designated cosmetics.

The representative of China to participate in the exhibition hall of Milan Expo 2015 are: China National Pavilion, China Corporate Pavilion Vanke Pavilion.

During the current Milan Expo, Miso MAYSU the honor of being the only officially designated national museum cosmetics, customized for the China Pavilion etiquette exclusive makeup and exclusive design “Miso 2015 Milan World Expo China Pavilion image makeup mix” to match this look to build.

Among them, Yan Ning Gui honey gift will be more gifts to every visiting foreign guests as a national ceremony.

Inspire and celebrate the beauty of China’s modern women, this is the Miso MAYSU brand mission.

Miso MAYSU Expo hopes alive on stage, enjoy the show to the world of modern Chinese women’s fashion charm.

The Miso MAYSU special called “peach makeup” for China Pavilion etiquette custom makeup.

Peach makeup, meaning happiness.

It uses gentle mild amber eye shadow, shape naturally delicate eyes; touch of peach-colored blush, brushed cheeks, blooming ears; then embellished with pink lipstick, sweet kind of low-key, people can resist heart, subtly shows the modern Chinese women’s unique temperament and charm.

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