Plastic Rice is Rumor

In fact, “plastic rice” is a long rumor spread

The recent emergence of “fake rice” video shocked a lot of people, and caused extensive forwarding. What is the truth of the matter?

More than half of the world’s population is dominated by rice.

In 2011 domestic and international social media appeared similar to plastic rice produced in China rumors. Subsequently, many Internet users and experts pointed out that the so-called “plastic rice” is not used as food.

In 2005, another version of “Plastic Rice”, “Cotton Rice”, appeared on the Internet, and the rumor said someone had made rice with rotten cotton. Then the media rumors that the so-called cotton is actually a kind of plastic or chemical fiber, not really cotton, because the cotton melt will be as flexible as the mud, can not pull the grain. October 2016, “plastic rice” rumors resurgence, domestic and foreign media have rumor. In November, the plastic processing of rice video in the social platform crazy pass, a number of media have been on this video rumor.

In 2016, the Nigerian customs seized 102 bags of 50 kilograms of “plastic rice”, triggering global attention. December 30, Nigeria officially announced the uproar of the “plastic rice” incident investigation results. The results show that these rice is not made of plastic, but because the mold can not eat. 2017 Recently, the “plastic rice” rumors re-emergence, some rumors of the past, pictures and videos continue to spread on the Internet. In this regard, many Internet users, the media have pointed out that this “plastic rice” is not only easy to see through, the cost is also higher than the normal rice, businesses do not need to use plastic to replace the fake rice.