Bright Prospects for Food Grade Stainless Steel Valve Industry

Bright Prospects for Food Grade Stainless Steel Valve Industry

The valve industry, as an important part in system equipment, plays a crucial role in the development of the national economy. With the rapid development of Chinese food equipment, food grade valves and its related products get great progress as basic parts in the production chain. Thousands of food grade valve manufacturers were unveiled in the market which brings new life to Chinese food machinery industry and highly promotes the development of food safety and mechanical automation.


History of Valve Production

Before the 1960s, the valve production is based in the developed countries like France and Germany. During 1970s and 1980s, the base is moved to Italy and Spain. The exportation of stainless-steel-food-grade-valves-wellgreenChinese valves is not developed until 1990s. From then on, the world valve production base begins to move to China.

In the August of 2013, the national valve production is 645,000 tons, down 1% from last year鈥檚 same period. From January to August in 2013, the national production is 4,872,000 tons, increase 3.12% from the last year鈥檚 same period. According to statistics, the turnover of Chinese valves is up to 50 billion yuan in 2013 which could fully show the development of its scale and momentum for China鈥檚 valve industry.


Current Status of Stainless Steel Food Grade Valves

Nowadays, the valve industry becomes one of our light industries which grow fast in a large scale. Still, it has the problems like growing slowly, lack of large and medium-sized companies, and less high quality products. For sanitary valves, the problem is even urgent. The industry develops in small size even as a family owned mill. How to grasp the opportunity to develop sanitary valve industry in its overall quality and technical skill is the most urgent issue to solve.


Prospect of Stainless Steel Food Grade Valves

2014 is a crucial year for China to thoroughly implement its industrial restructuring and upgrading plan and strategic emerging industry development plan. Thus, high end valve industry will meet its important period for develop. As a key component of food equipment improvement and upgrades, the development of sanitary stainless steel valves plays an important role in the successful transforming for the whole industry.

With the rapid development of industrial technology, it raises more stringent requirements for聽food grade stainless steel valve industry. Especially for the automation development for sanitary valves, it will determine the technical height of China鈥檚 food industry in the future.

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