Relative Reveals Australian Woman Went To Mexico For ‘Buttock Implant’ Cosmetic Surgery; Family Advises Those Who Go After The Looks

Relative Reveals Australian Woman Went To Mexico For ‘Buttock Implant’ Cosmetic Surgery; Family Advises Those Who Go After The Looks

Plastic surgeons prepare to perform surgery at an operating room in BK Clinic in Seoul August 28, 2007.

A relative of the 29-year-old woman from the Gold Coast who died at a Mexican hospital has revealed the reason for her travel to the Latin American country. Meanwhile, her family gives an advice to other women who go after the looks.

The family of Evita Nicole Sarmonikas previously revealed that a cardiac arrest caused her to die after she underwent a cosmetic surgery at the Hospital Quirurgico del Valle in Mexicali, a town in Mexico. Although the family says they are unaware of the details of the cosmetic surgery that Sarmonika underwent in Mexico, her cousin, Nick Tsagalias, revealed she travelled to Mexico to meet the plastic surgeon Victor Ramirez to talk about the surgery for buttock implants, reported Gold Coast Bulletin.

During the buttock implant surgery, silicone implants are inserted into the buttocks of the patient under general anaesthesia. According to Ramirez’s website, the buttock implant surgery lasts for around two and a half hours, and the recovery time is about two months. Ramirez made a buzz in 2012 after he allegedly used photos of Kim Kardashian in billboard advertisements without taking her consent.

The news of Sarmonika’s death triggered a wave of grief among well wishers, friends and relatives the moment the family of the deceased issued a statement on Facebook that confirmed her death. Plenty of people came forward to donate money to sponsor the travel ticket of Sarmonika’s mother and sister to Mexico. The family has also created a GoFundMe page to raise funds for travel, funeral and legal cost.

The grieving family has urged everybody not to risk their lives for the sake of improving their appearance. “This was not the way to go home, no woman should risk death to improve on perfection. As beautiful as Evita was inside and out, she still had certain inadequacies as almost every woman on Earth does,” said Sarmonika’s family in a Facebook statement.

Reportedly, the hospital in Mexico offered to cremate Sarmonika’s body and return the ashes to the country. However, the Australian government has advised her family not to go for it since it will prevent an autopsy from being conducted.

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