Sanitary GUME 316L diaphragm valve

Sanitary GUME 316L diaphragm valve

Introduction of Sanitary GUME sanitary valve

Sanitary GUME diaphragm valve is mainly applicable for pharmaceutical industry, especially the stainless-steel-sanitary-gemu-316l-diaphragm-valve-sanitary-valve-wellgreenstrict hygiene requirements, it is a very important sanitary valve for now hygienic industries. The new GUME diaphragm valve can resist high temperature, integrated into the sterilization cabinet disinfection, and won鈥檛 get any effected. Inside and outside of the product are polished by high grade equipment, can reach the surface precision requirements. Can not only meet the requirements of sanitary quality of the pharmaceutical equipment industry, can also be used for export. With good advantages of simple structure, beautiful appearance, quick installation, quickly switch, flexible operation, fluid resistance is small, the use of safe and reliable.

Development of Sanitary GEMU type Diaphragm Valve

Specification: DN6~DN80 is our generally capacity.
Our factory developed GEME type diaphragm valve is DN6 for minimum diameter, and DN65 manual tri-clover type GEMU diaphragm valve.

Specification of Sanitary GEMU Diaphragm Valve

  • Product Certification: ISO9001, CE, CCCstainless-steel-sanitary-gemu-diaphragm-valve-sanitary-valve-wellgreen
  • Materials: 316/316L
  • Operated type: Manual, pneumatic, electric
  • Highest working temperature: 150掳C
  • Ambient temperature: – 10 掳C ~ 60掳C
  • Highest working pressure: 10bar
  • Material of sealing: PTFE,EPDM/PTFE
  • Applicable medium: EPDM-steam, PTFE-water, water, drugs, oil, stem, gas or liquid, dairy food, organic solution, acid-base solvent
  • Adaptability: Food, pharmaceutical, beer, beverage, biological engineering, water treatment, chemical, machinery and equipment, automation equipment, and other fields

Advantages of sanitary GUME diaphragm valve:

  • The opening and closing parts are elastic sealing, body sealing groove is arc design structure, which will ensure the valve with no leakage;
  • A streamlined flow channel, making resistance decreases;
  • Body and bonnet are separated by intermediate diaphragm, the design makes the bonnet, stem and other parts are not eroded by the medium;
  • The diaphragm can be repeatedly replacement, low maintenance costs;
  • Visual position has pores which can display switch state;
  • A variety of surface polishing technology, no dead angle, no residue in the normal position; Compact structure, apply to narrow space.

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