What is Sanitary MIX-PROOF VALVE


What is sanitary mix-proof valve:

Sanitary Mix-Proof Valve mainly used in making wine, diary product and beverage industries. It is a important type of stainless steel sanitary valve . Sanitary mix-proof valve has two independent seal valve core, it can form a leakage cavity between two seals during working position. In the occasional accident or the leakage, the leakage product will flow into the cavity, and discharge from the outlet, won’t cause the pollution of product or mixing. When the valve is open, the leakage cavity is closed, the product won鈥檛 leak out during the normal process of mix-proof valve. So the delivery of products can be from a pipeline flow to another. Sanitary mix-proof valve can also be CIP cleaning

Features of sanitary mix-proof valve:

  • Stem equilibrium pressure design stainless-steel-sanitary-valve-hygienic-mix-proof-valve-wellgreen
  • External spray cleaning and cleaning of ascension seat.
  • Liquidity optimized of the valve cavity
  • Long service life of the actuator
  • Imported sealing material, can meet FDA177.2600
  • The installation of the seat sealing is simple
  • Feedback signal to the control device
  • Easy installation and maintenance of clamp connection
  • Kinds of body structure
  • Valve cavity was processed by CNC, Ra?0.8?m
  • Welding end: DIN11850 series 2 “INCH” tube

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