Sanitary Stainless Steel Pipe Market Appears Weakness

Futures have a huge impact on the spot

Futures continued to fall turmoil run, sawing the phenomenon of long and short significantly increased, resulting in sanitary stainless steel spot market prices appear to rise and fall are ineffective.

Seamless Stainless Steel Tubes Duplex 304L, 316L,321 (2)

Sanitary stainless steel pipe inventories lower than the same period last spring demand is tight

From the inventory point of view, the current inventory of the industrial chain is still significantly lower than the same period last year, making聽sanitary stainless steel pipe market for the spring after the release of demand there is still tight supply expectations. In the middle of the heating season in January, the operating rate of the blast furnace in the northern region rebounded slightly due to the heating. It is expected that the supply of the sanitary stainless steel pipe market will increase in short term and the daily output of crude steel will start to rise in a ring.

Spring Festival years before the purchase of stainless steel pipe willingness to reduce the impact of transport costs increased

At present, only a few days away from the Spring Festival of traditional holidays, the space for market operation is no longer large. The purchase intention of the sanitary grade stainless steel pipe end market has obviously dropped. Most of the construction projects have been stopped except for a few key infrastructure projects and the migrant workers have holidays in advance. Coupled with the recent snow weather suffered in most areas, to transport and transactions have a greater impact. In the case of steel mills, however, it is taking advantage of the recent Winterport policy to attract purchases in this short time ago. However, the high price of sanitary grade stainless steel pipe also makes part of the demand into the wait and see, there is no price market appears again.

In the case of Spring Festival approaching, the winter storage cooling situation, the year before the transaction is difficult to highlight, combined with the聽sanitary stainless steel market as a whole will continue to rise in inventory, so pre-holiday聽sanitary stainless steel pipe market will Will enter a gradual consolidation process, but does not line a small number of markets due to short-term adjustment of futures showed slight fluctuations.