Sanitary Valve Installation Considerations

Sanitary valve installation considerations, sanitary valve installation and removing the matters needing attention.

Sanitary valve uses the standard electronic polishing, to ensure smooth surface is clean, no medium stockpile area, won’t produce potential pollution can meet the special requirements of food, biological pharmacy field a variety of media, Sanitary valve its smooth, seamless, automatic emptying handicraft fluid channel is also very suitable for the need of steam step it in-place cleaning, Sanitary valve connection mode can be selected according to working condition of screw thread, flange, welding, clamp, card sets of forms; sanitary valve in the process of manufacturing process in strict accordance with the FDA’s requirements for quality control, sanitary valve adopts computer 3 d design, was made for the GMP requirements.

sanitary valve maintenance and installation key points:

  • Health level valve should be put in dry and ventilated room, sizing ends shall be sealed dust;
  • The deposit shall be checked regularly for a long time, and on the machining surface oil, prevent rust;
  • Sanitary valve before installation should be carefully check whether mark is consistent with the use requirement;
  • When installation should be clean inside cavity and sealing surface, check whether the packing pressure, whether connecting bolts evenly tighten;
  • Health level valve should be installed according to allow working position, but must pay attention to maintenance and operation is convenient;
  • In use, may not be health level gate partially open flow adjustment, in order to avoid the high medium velocity makes the sealing surface is damaged, should be full open or full close;
  • Rotate handwheel when opening or closing, unfavorable and with the aid of other auxiliary leverage;
  • Driving parts should be lubricated periodically lubrication; sanitary valve should be regularly in the rotating part of the oil when using, the valve stem trapezoidal thread portion of the oil
  • After installation should be regular maintenance, clear inner cavity of dirt, check the sealing surface, abrasion of stem nut;
  • Should have a scientific operation standard, correct installation maintenance should be sealed performance experiment, and make detailed record for inspection.

Other considerations:

  • health level valve shall be installed in the pipeline before positioning in general.Piping to nature, the wrong position can’t hard pull, lest leave prestressed;
  • low temperature sanitary valve before positioning should as far as possible under the cold (such as in the liquid nitrogen) for opening and closing test, requires flexible no jam phenomenon;
  • levels with the liquid valve should be configured to stem into 10 掳 Angle, avoid the liquid along the stem flow, cold damage increase; hit more major is to avoid the liquid filler sealing surface, make the cold hard and lose the sealing function, produce leakage;
  • the health level of the relief valve connection should be bend, avoid valve directly impact health level; in addition to ensure the sanitary safety valve not frost, so as not to work when the failure;
  • to the flow direction of medium level health globe valve installation should be consistent with marked with arrow on valve body, make health level valve closing pressure added at the top of the valve cone, the packing is not affected by the load.But often do not open/close and need not strictly guarantee under the closed the health level of the valve (e.g., heating valve), can consciously the outfit, make it closed by using medium pressure;
  • large size sanitary valve, pneumatic health level regulator should be vertical, to avoid because of the valve core to favor a larger weight, increase between valve core and sleeve mechanical wear and tear, cause leakage;
  • when tighten the clamping screw, sanitary valve should be in open state, so as not to crush top valve sealing surface;
  • all health level valve in place, should make an opening and closing, flexible without sticking phenomenon for qualified;
  • in large air separation tower naked after cold, under the cold health level of the connection in the valve flange preloaded time, prevent the normal temperature without leakage under the low temperature leakage phenomenon;
  • are strictly prohibited in the installation of the valve stem when climbing scaffold
  • Above 200 ? high temperature sanitary valve, due to the installation at room temperature, the normal use, temperature, expansion bolt is heated, clearance increase, so must tighten again, is called a “hot”, the operator should pay attention to this work, otherwise easy to leak.
  • When the weather is cold, and the water valve closed parked for a long time, should be ruled out the valve water.After steam stop valve, also want to eliminate the condensate.Bottom of the valve is a plug, it can be open drainage.
  • The nonmetal sanitary valve, some hard brittle, some strength is low, operation, opening and closing force cannot too big, cannot make MengJin especially.Also note that no object knock against.
  • when using the new valve, packing don’t press too hard, don’t leak as degrees, lest stem pressure is too big, to speed up the wear and tear, and the opening and closing.

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