Stainless Steel Materials For Wine Industry using

Stainless Steel Materials For Wine Industry Using

stainless-steel-storage-tank-vessel-wellgreen Plasticizer is widely used in industry, polymer additives added in the plastic processing this kind of material, can make its flexibility, easy processing, can be legally used for industrial purposes. The main composition is phthalate esters, our country has a certain standard in food standard.

This component will effect the reproductive system of human body and endocrine. Through the industry association survey, liquor production process determine not adding plasticizer, and have no need to use the plasticizer. If the plasticizer exists in liquor, it will do no good to the quality to the wine, so any enterprise would not add this kind of material in the product.

If the plasticizer do real exist in the liquor, it can only come from the contact of the migration. Plasticizer in liquor products belong to a specific migration, mainly is the result of plastic barrels, plastic wine ducts, liquor pump in and out of the latex tube, sealing it plastic sheeting, finished product wine inside the plastic cap, plastic packaging, plastic packaging, final product packaging wine plastic buckets and so on. And here is a HongKong official explanation: alcohol liquor, as a kind of spirits, from the view of the drinking of wine, the harm is higher than that of which contains trace elements of plasticizer.

Due to the plasticizer content standard has not embodied in the liquor, the next step,聽our new standard of liquor will come soon, will also make the liquor production more standardization and regularization, let people drink white wine is more at ease.

After the plasticizer problem occurred, as one of the major producing area in Shandong, China. Tian di yuan wine limited company gives a quick response:

First is the rectification of the hardware facilities, change all the equipment of storing wine, piping, wine storage, transportation tools into food hygiene grade stainless steel or ceramic material, put an end to the emergence of the plasticizer.聽Secondly, to strengthen the construction of software quality, improve detection equipment and personnel quality. We will invest one billion yuan to set a technology development and quality control center with high standards. Importing advanced testing equipment to control the raw materials of various index analysis, strict control, strict controls of plasticizer, pesticide residues and other indicators, make the various conditions meet the requirements.

Here is not Tiandiyuan doing such only, 聽the industry of wine making is doing it now. They change the plastic or other materials facilities to stainless steel and聽ceramic to avoid the聽plasticizer happens in their company. We think it is a good聽appearance to the whole Chinese food safety.

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