Stainless Steel Tank Bottom Valve

Sanitary Stainless Steel Tank Bottom Valve-wellgreenSanitary Stainless Steel Tank Bottom Valve

Stainless Steel Tank Bottom Valve is used in the pharmaceutical and food processing industries, a highly clean without retention diaphragm valve , which is installed at the bottom of the equipment, is mainly used for making sure the material won鈥檛 stuck inside the valve.

Advantages of Stainless Steel Tank Bottom Valve

Santiary tank bottom valve are widely used in pharmaceutical, biotechnology, fine chemical, food and layout reaction of cleaning industries. There are lots of advantages of sanitary tank bottom valve, such as no dead angle, no residual, no leak and good sealing. When the container is using the blender, materials can be fully mixed with the rotational flow when the bottom is on. Tank bottom valve is mounted with 35 degrees azimuth, it聽 can make the material emissions has self-purification function, make the equipment more convenient on the space maintenance. The inside roughness of the mirror polishing is 0.2-0.45?m, to make the valve much more clean.

The feature of Stainless Steel Tank Bottom Valve:

  • Compact structure, can ensure installation in small space.
  • No matter in the process requirement or rate of flow are very ideal, and won’t produce turbulent phenomena when it鈥檚 in emptying.
  • Can provide all kinds of connections, such as weld clamp or thread.
  • The material of valve body are all SUS316L.
  • Can mechanical polishing and electrolytic polishing, the accuracy can reach 0.25um.
  • The tank bottom valve can be operated by manual and also can be pneumatic.


Technical Information of Stainless Steel Tank Bottom Valve:

  • Manual/pneumatic operation
  • Pneumatic operation process controller can be configured and position sensor, can realize automatic remote control
  • Specification: 3/4鈥 to 3鈥, DN20-DN80
  • Material: ASTM T304/316L
  • Inside finish: Ra0.4um
  • External surface process: matte/bright
  • Connection: clamp, weld, flange
  • material: PTFE/EPDM/FPM/EPDM

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