The Difference Between Sanitary Pipe Fittings And Food Grade Stainless Steel Fittings

The difference between sanitary pipe fittings and food grade stainless steel pipe fittings in the different applications.

sanitary pipes

The difference between food-grade stainless steel and sanitary stainless steel is:

Stainless steel that meets the requirements of GB / T 1220-2007 “Stainless Steel Bar” which has passed the “Certificate of Obtaining Certification” and is used for food machinery is food grade stainless steel

In the same way, stainless steel which has passed the audit of “Certificate of Obtaining Certificate”, and used for manufacturing medical devices is sanitary stainless steel.

In most cases, there is no clear difference between food grade stainless steel fittings and sanitary pipe fittings. Generally speaking, these two kinds of pipe fittings can meet one of the requirements, and most of them can also meet the other.

They are divided into food grade and sanitary grade because the certification direction is different.

Strictly speaking, there is no food grade and sanitary grade at all, this is just a customary name for people after whether materials and products meet a certain use requirement (different production standards).

In China, it refers to materials and products that meet national health standards and national food standards when used, and can be called sanitary and food grade.

For example: a certain type of plastic raw material can be used in food packaging materials after inspection and confirmation by the food supervision department, and it can be said that the type of plastic reaches food grade; similarly, this material can be used for medical instruments after being confirmed by the health supervision department, it is sanitary.

Another example: For the pipe fitting, if it meets the requirements of national standard GB 16798-1997 for food machinery: A man without special means or special trained, with only water, detergent or disinfectant, he can completed clean the valve under safety situation in a short time. It’s sanitary; At the same time, it also meets standards in terms of material composition, acid-base environment adaptation, and microorganism retention. It is a food-grade.

Of course, compared with ordinary buttweld pipe fittings, in order to meet the requirements of sanitation or food, some work must be done on material selection and structure, such as polished surface (not easy to dirty), rounded corners (easy to clean).