The Future Market of Sanitary Fittings is Fluid Equipment End Users?

The Future Market of Sanitary Stainless Steel Pipe Fittings is Fluid Equipment End Users?

Because the popularity of network, many end users in the case of demand is larger, usually buying directly from manufacturers. Their mainly consideration is the assurance of quality and affordable price. But if the demand is small, even if the price a little higher, customers are also willing to from dealers. Manufacturers generally in accordance with the normal sanitary-stainless-steel-pipe-fittings-304-316l-wellgreenproduction of sanitary stainless steel pipe fittings products, instead of doing different kinds of inventory, so for small batch purchase quantity is difficult to meet the customer terminal.

On the contrary, dealers can be a one-time purchase sales of inventory variety sanitary聽 stainless steel pipe fittings, according to the end user’s requirements for the supply of small batch more varieties, to win a big price gap.

While end user purchase from manufacturer directly, the most important need to be aware of – sanitary fittings product quality and delivery time. In the early stage of the inquiry, the manufactures in China can promise really good. But after receiving orders, is likely to miss delivery date or the products can not meet customers’s condition in the final. This is mainly caused by two aspects:

-. From their own position, the end users constantly compress time of delivery time. Meanwhile, in order to get the order, the factory disregard聽the聽actual situation to accept customer’s condition blindly . At the end, they find this is impossible job, but the compensation or order returning request is coming.

-. In order to get good profit or extend the market fastly, the end users and
manufacturers reduce the product price rashly. The manufactgurers got orders, but found sanitary-stainless-steel-valves-fittings-wellgreenthe cost is more than sales price. How to do? In order to reuducing the lossing, the manufacturer is not only to compress the production cost, so far as to use old materail, or sub-quality products to manage the client. In the final, they are not only lost the customer, but also damaged the reputation of the industry.

Sanitary stainless steel pipe fittings is not only considered by surface conditon, but also the raw material and precision. As a buyer, certainly should to buy the most affordable products . But we think it is inadvisable to reducing the price of sanitary fittings simply regardless of
the market condition, it will make both sides damaging only. WELLGREEN thinks unreasonable price will damage the manufacturers, also it is irresponsible for end customers and consumers. Whether it is the broker/trader to purchase, or end users straightly, Wellgreen will adhere mutual respect and mutual benefit principle, to develop a long term business with you. Let’s go and to achieve聽the聽most benefitfor both parties!

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