The Macro Environment Of China’s Sanitary Stainless Steel Pipe Market

The Macro Environment Of China’s Sanitary Stainless Steel Pipe Market

Today, the price of sanitary stainless steel pipe has increased since last weekend, and it has increased significantly today.

polished stainless steel tubing

stainless steel sanitary tubing

Raw materials rose more than finished materials, iron ore rose by more than 4%, approaching the 860 yuan mark, and coke rose by more than 3%, which was the main reason.

However, iron ore, which took the lead in the late trading, surpassed and declined, the rate of increase narrowed, capital was lost, and iron ore and coke lost more than 1.1 billion yuan in blood loss.

Driven by the production restriction in Tangshan and the futures market, confidence in the sanitary stainless steel pipe market has been boosted. The transaction situation is more favorable than last week, and the overall trading atmosphere is more active.

One stone caused a wave of waves, and the long-lost production restriction hit again. From its own point of view, the impact on the time and scope of the production restriction is not great, but because this is an enhanced version of the previous implementation that is not in place, it has caused The market for sanitary stainless steel pipes has increased expectations for future fall and winter production restrictions.

However, the current production restriction is more like a tipping point, and saniatry pipe fittings supplier pays more attention to the real implementation strength and degree of landing in the later period.

The macro environment of the overall sanitary stainless steel pipe market cannot be ignored:

Last week, the central bank clearly adhered to the monetary policy of “three constants” and continued to deepen the LPR reform. The interest rate of corporate loans will fall further, giving the market a reassurance.

Immediately entering the delivery month, the sanitary stainless steel pipe market will be more volatile.

But we must also pay attention to risks. Today, the northbound capital, which is the weather vane of the stock market, has seen a large outflow. As of the close, the net outflow was as high as 8 billion yuan. This data also hit a new high since July 24.

In the short term, the market for sanitary stainless steel pipes still has an upward opportunity.