The Short-term Sanitary Stainless Steel Tubes Supply Will Gradually Pick Up And Will Become More Obvious After Mid-April

This week, the market price of sanitary stainless steel tubings continued to weaken, and the decline continued to increase. In the case of futures decline, the spot price continued to fall.

Since the start of production in more than four months, the actual demand will have a significant increase, which will have certain support for the price of sanitary stainless steel tubes.

polished stainless steel tubing

Although market fundamental pressures have eased, as the epidemic spreads, concerns about the global economic recession have increased.

In view of the current downward load on the sanitary stainless steel tube market, it is recommended that you seize the shipping opportunities brought by the peak season and the release of suppressed demand, and pay attention to preventing the risks caused by external bearishness.

This week, the prices of sanitary stainless steel tubes have dropped substantially, the market mentality is pessimistic, the overall transaction deviation, the mainstream market prices of stainless steel welded pipes and galvanized pipes have been broadly lowered, the pipe factory has weak shipments, and the inventory digestion situation is not ideal. Although the market mentality is unstable; in terms of seamless pipes, from the perspective of demand, the market situation is weakening, and the transaction is far below expectations.

On the whole, the decline in the price of raw materials has insufficient support for the market, but at present, the profit of finished products is seriously compressed, and many small pipe factories have suffered losses to varying degrees. It can be improved, and merchants are more or less resistant to price reductions, and still hold a wait-and-see attitude. Taking into account a number of factors, it is expected that the market for sanitary stainless steel tubes will narrow the decline and the shock will be weak.

From the current production situation of domestic steel mills, the production of short-flow steel mills has recovered, but the overall operating rate is still at a low level, which has little effect on the supply of sanitary stainless steel tubes.